Dec 8, 2015

DIY Bedak Sejuk ("cold powder")

Bedak sejuk is a traditional powder made from fermented rice. The name "bedak sejuk" is Malay for "cold powder" and called so because it has a cooling effect on your skin when you use it.

Usually you take a small chunk of bedak sejuk and mix it with some water to form a paste.. then you can either spread it across any area of your skin or pile a concentrated amount onto an annoying pimple to dry it up. As the paste dries, it gives off a cooling effect which is really nice in our hot and humid weather. The powder is very drying as well so not really recommended for people with dry skin, but it's great for people with oily skin! :)

Normally my grandma or grandaunts are the ones who make their own bedak sejuk so I thought I should try learning how to make it myself. I'm documenting the process here and sharing this with anyone who is interested to try it out as well.

Personally I prefer homemade bedak sejuk over the commercially available ones. ;)

What you need:
A big enough container
1-2kg of rice (I used 2kg to make a bigger batch)

Important: The rice must be a high grade plain rice, not fragrant rice.

Tutorial begins after the jump!


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