Nov 9, 2014

Meet Estée

So we recently added a new baby to the family. She's a 2 month + peke pup and we have been spending most of our time bonding with her as well as crate training/house breaking her. We took about 3 months to train Chanel (our older peke) but we think this little rascal might take a bit longer.

She's super adorable, very smart and FEARLESS! Seriously. Chanel took a LONG time before she could go up and down staircases. This little rascal has been with us since the 2nd of November 2014 (a week) and she can already make her way up and down the stairs! It took a few days before Chanel could accept her and now during playtime the both of them play till they run outta breath.

Hello there! I'm here to steal your heart...

After a nice warm shower

Wat dis thing u kip pointin at meh?

Hello cat... I will be chasing you soon. fear me.

Pee pee on the floor? It wasn't me, I swear!

Chanel (left), little rascal (right)

Estée, watcha thinkin bout?
Oh I dunno... peke stuff, I guess

It's only been a week and we love her to bits already. Chanel on the other hand, has some choice words for her. hehe.



  1. oo! 3rd photo so pity.
    Cute overload

    1. Lol! She always like to show her pitiful face.. so ppl will manja her more. XD

  2. Replies
    1. Not entirely.. just been so busy with work.. nothing much to blog about :( Thanks for the reminder, I should start blogging more often again. :)


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