Nov 9, 2014

Meet Estée

So we recently added a new baby to the family. She's a 2 month + peke pup and we have been spending most of our time bonding with her as well as crate training/house breaking her. We took about 3 months to train Chanel (our older peke) but we think this little rascal might take a bit longer.

She's super adorable, very smart and FEARLESS! Seriously. Chanel took a LONG time before she could go up and down staircases. This little rascal has been with us since the 2nd of November 2014 (a week) and she can already make her way up and down the stairs! It took a few days before Chanel could accept her and now during playtime the both of them play till they run outta breath.

Hello there! I'm here to steal your heart...

After a nice warm shower

Wat dis thing u kip pointin at meh?

Hello cat... I will be chasing you soon. fear me.

Pee pee on the floor? It wasn't me, I swear!

Chanel (left), little rascal (right)

Estée, watcha thinkin bout?
Oh I dunno... peke stuff, I guess

It's only been a week and we love her to bits already. Chanel on the other hand, has some choice words for her. hehe.


Aug 1, 2014


So I kinda took a trip down memory lane recently.

Back in the 90s when I was still in primary school, I was fortunate enough to have my own computer and taught myself simple html coding. We did have computer classes in school (I was in Kuen Cheng (1) primary school) but we didn't get to learn much about creating websites. I remember learning by looking at other people's source codes. LOL. The one language I couldn't understand was javascript so I never picked that up but I remember people using javascript to create cool interactive websites. :)

I remember being on mIRC a long time ago before ICQ became popular. However most of my time online was spent on visiting other people's websites especially those who had... CYBER PETS! Yes, we created personal websites and would "adopt" cyber pets, we even had our own little communities. I remember we used Geocities which was one of the most popular places to get a free website, other popular web hosting services were Angelfire and Fortunecity. I loved the concept at the time, it's like house hunting and choosing an address you like. For example, you could go to a Geocities "neighbourhood" like the Enchanted Forest, then a smaller suburb like "Tower", then choose a "lot" or "unit" that was empty.. and it was usually a four digit number.. so you'd end up with a URL like

I also remember the editor was text based and not too user friendly. A few years after that they launched a WYSIWYG version of the editor. Can't recall if that happened during the Yahoo!Geocities era or before.

I really wish I had screenshots of my old websites but I think all my diskettes from that era have been thrown away and destroyed. :(

Anyway, I took a trip down memory lane when I random did a search for cyber pets to see if they still do that nowadays. The answer sadly is no since no one creates personal websites anymore. But I did see a lot of familiar cyber pets which I used to have as well and it brought back a lot of fond memories. :)

I'll start off with my fav during that time... Drigus! They were a mystical creature, part dragon, part tiger and part horse. Created by Silvanon, the adoption process was a lot more complex as there were genetic factors that may change the way your drigus would look. You would receive an egg, that after sometime would hatch and grow up to adulthood. The Silver Unicorn pretty much sums up what that era was like for cyber pets and personal websites, we used to write long intriguing stories and allowed visitors to "explore" the website as though they were reading a game book. We created our own little worlds online and for our pets to live in. And I think that was the beginning of UGC (User generated content) as people would create their own creatures/pets/etc to share with everyone else and we would spend hours and hours exploring the fantasy worlds created by each webmaster.

The following screenshots are from The Silver Unicorn (page doesn't exist anymore), the creator's website can be found at:

Our pets were not just pets, they had personalities and back stories which we would elaborately craft for them.

Adopters would usually display their pets this way and create a "home" for them on their personal websites.

A lot of the graphics of that time were kinda like pixel art. Either that or hand drawn and scanned into the PC.

Ahh, guestbooks, how I miss you. :)

Dixieland Dragons were also very popular, they had griffons as well.

Unicorn hatchings, animated gifs.

Unicorn family

More unicorns! :)

Senoch were a very popular breed of pets, they even had their own community - The Senoch Circle

Adopt a fluff! There were also dustbunnies you could adopt.

The Hedge Hogs were very very cute animated gifs. From, back when they actively had these type of adoptable cyber pets.

Yes, you could adopt a lollipop.. and CandyLand Lollipops were pretty popular back then. haha.

And yes, we sometimes even created a whole house/room/garden for our pets! :)

Most adoptable cyberpets were simple static images, at most an animated gif. The only things you could customize were prolly the colours, sex, age. Pets like the Drigus were one of those 100% custom made ones and very hard to obtain. Fun fact: At the time I had permission from Silvanon to create my own little adoption page and adopt out Drigus that I created. :) So yes, lil ol' me at the time actually drew and scanned Drigetti to be adopted by others. hahaha. Of course I wasn't very good at it, as seen in the sample below:

HAHAHA. Yes, as you can see, scanned and coloured in digitally (I think it was a very early version of Photoshop). Found this from one of the links above. I recognized it instantly. I think this was still the early stages, I remember later on getting better at digital colouring (and learnt how to use and abuse the burn+dodge tool). Fun times. :)

So that was my trip down memory lane, I really miss those times. If I'm not mistaken, this all happened around 1997-1999 and I was still in primary school at the time. Of course, I graduated from these to Neopets but that was sometime in 2000 and above I think. :)


Jan 20, 2014

Malaysia Truly Asia - The Essence of Asia

It's Visit Malaysia 2014 (VMY2014) and the first official video by Tourism Malaysia was a loooooong video featuring Yuna's version of Malaysia Truly Asia. Her hauntingly beautiful voice suits the video perfectly. Though previous versions of the Malaysia Truly Asia song is a lot more upbeat, somehow I feel more drawn to Yuna's version. The slow tempo makes you listen to the lyrics carefully and what it says tugs at my heartstrings especially with all the discouraging issues that are going on in our country. At the end of the day, Malaysia is home. It's our paradise and there's so much about our country to love.

Malaysia Truly Asia - The Essence of Asia
sung by Yuna

You will love Malaysia now and forever
different races everywhere
the soul of Asia is surely here
this beautiful Malaysia

You will love the colours of Malaysia
where the sun loves to shine
on sandy beaches and clear waters
with smiles of friendly faces

This land is beautiful
it steals your heart away
This land is paradise
only a smile away
The soul of Asia
The essence of Asia
in this land where dreams come true

Malaysia it's truly Asia
People smiling everywhere
showing you how much they care
Welcome to Malaysia

This land is beautiful
it steals your heart away
This land is paradise
only a smile away
The soul of Asia
The essence of Asia
in this land where dreams come true

This land is beautiful
it steals you heart away
This land is paradise
only a smile away
The soul of Asia
The Essence of Asia
It's truly Asia
Malaysia truly Asia


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