Oct 4, 2012

New kid on the block

So the strangest thing happened recently... we actually got ourselves a dog.

Strange because we never thought we would be able to have a dog again...and we have 5 cats in the house...of which my youngest cat Sayang is trying to be friends with the new pup. :)

So here's Chanel! :) She's a Pekingese pup..roughly 3 and a half months old. And I must say she's the definition of cute: ugly but adorable.

And she has super soft cottony fur! ♥

"Hi! I'm Chanel ♥"

We're still working hard to toilet train her... apparently Pekingese are super stubborn/dumb and hard to train. We're just gonna keep trying and give her positive reinforcement. :) It's been 3 days but she already knows her name, can "come" and "sit" (with a tasty treat of course). We're also crate training her and so far she loves sleeping in her crate...hardly whines/barks/howl at night. I'm thankful that she's not the hyperactive, noisy type as we can't afford to have neighbours complaining about her. :(

I haven't had a dog in such a long time... last dog I had was when I was still in secondary school... about 10 years ago. haha. So this experience feels new to me. Very different from having cats who can be litter trained very quickly. And dogs have a distinct smell, unlike cats. But she's so lovable and adorable, so we're gonna keep trying to bring her up well. :)



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