Jul 9, 2012

John + Tha Engaged! ♥

Had the privilege and honour of being a part of John's proposal to Jacintha which happened on the 30th of June. :) It was supposed to be John's birthday dinner... but we put a twist in the plans and surprised Jacintha with a marriage proposal from John!

John came over earlier in the day to pass me the engagement ring, Tatty Teddy, and flowers. We took a while to figure out the best way to present the ring using the bear. I love love love the ring that John bought for Jacintha. It is so her and is such a unique engagement ring. They'll prolly wait till the wedding dinner to tell the funny back story about the ring so I won't mention it here. ;)

I baked and designed the cupcakes that John wanted to use for the proposal. Took me a while also to figure out how to arrange the cupcakes with the bear. haha. We purposely placed the cupcakes into a "present" box to disguise it and make Jacintha think it's just a birthday present for John. Yay for sneaky plans. :D

NeroFico wasn't our original place for dinner. We wanted to go to Secrets of Louisiana but unfortunately it was booked for a function that night. So after hours and hours of panicking and re-planning (for those of us who were helping John plan the proposal) we ended up going with NeroFico...which is an Italian + Jazz restaurant.

Meet the ones who were scheming with John behind Jacintha's back. :D We went there super early to prepare, set things up and Gary (our official photographer that night) took some test shots. I had told Jacintha that I was gonna "surprise" John with a birthday cake and would be going earlier to the restaurant to hide the cake in the kitchen. Which I did, but John already knew about the cake. muahaha.

Paul and Lydia... I think they were the most surprised that night. haha. They had no idea whatsoever about the proposal. Sorry guys. John didn't want everyone to know. :p

Finally, after the cake cutting, John popped the question. :) We have a video and photos of the proposal... but the engaged couple has requested for the video to only be shown during their wedding dinner. :) Photos are still with Gary so I don't have much to show.

The happily engaged couple. ♥

To my precious friends, John and Jacintha, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special event. Looking forward to your wedding and to see the both of you grow old together. Congratulations! ♥

♥ Di


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