Mar 8, 2012

Using Meitu XiuXiu without an Internet connection

I've received some questions regarding how to access the stickers/effects without having to go online every time you use the program.

Here's how:

This is what you'll see when you're disconnected from the Internet. You can't access the stickers/effects.

Here you can see that although I have no connection, I can still use some stickers from the second tab.


Simple. I downloaded them when I had a connection so it's stored on my pc. :)


#1. Be sure that you are connected to the Internet so that you can download the stickers.

#2. From the stickers menu, scroll down until you see this:

#3. Click on it and it will proceed to download the stickers that are shown in the menu. (For example, in the screenshot below I'm downloading the 10 stickers I see in the sticker menu.)

#4. Once it's downloaded just click "OK"

#5. Go to the second tab. As you can see in this screenshot...I originally had [10] downloaded previously and now have [20]

So the next time you use Meitu XiuXiu and don't have an Internet connection, you would still be able to use the stickers you have downloaded. :)

Hope this helps those who have asked me about it. ;)

Ps. If I'm not mistaken, effects/stickers that you have used previously (not downloaded) are automatically downloaded and stored on your pc. That's why sometimes when you're not connected to the Internet, you can only see a limited number of stickers/effects. :)



  1. Very helpful, thank you!<3
    me and Emi love using Meitu, and waiting for the stickers to load can be a pain sometimes...-.-' so downloading them is a great solution!>.<


  2. Hi Lea! So glad it helps! And yeah, I sometimes get frustrated just waiting for it to load... haha. Have fun! ;)


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