Mar 31, 2012

Instagram ♥

Just random pics from my Instagram. :)



Mar 27, 2012

My Generasi (My Generation)



A simple short video by JinnyboyTV that brought back waves of nostalgia to all 80s and 90s kids in Malaysia. Reminding us of our wonderful childhood moments back in Primary School.


Mar 13, 2012

DanceStyle 6th Anniversary Concert

The DanceStyle 6th Anniversary Concert in Aid of Tohoku Earthquake Recovery Efforts was held last Saturday at Black Box, PUBLIKA in Solaris Dutamas! Twas a tiring but fun performance and a big huge THANK YOU to all who came and supported us. We managed to raise quite a sum that will be donated to :) 

Photo recap of the event:

Full dress rehearsal @ Japan Club KL
4th March 2012

*          *          *

Performance Day @ Black Box, PUBLIKA
10 March 2012

Again, thank you all who came. We had fun performing for two sold out shows! Wee~!


Mar 8, 2012

Using Meitu XiuXiu without an Internet connection

I've received some questions regarding how to access the stickers/effects without having to go online every time you use the program.

Here's how:

This is what you'll see when you're disconnected from the Internet. You can't access the stickers/effects.

Here you can see that although I have no connection, I can still use some stickers from the second tab.


Simple. I downloaded them when I had a connection so it's stored on my pc. :)


#1. Be sure that you are connected to the Internet so that you can download the stickers.

#2. From the stickers menu, scroll down until you see this:

#3. Click on it and it will proceed to download the stickers that are shown in the menu. (For example, in the screenshot below I'm downloading the 10 stickers I see in the sticker menu.)

#4. Once it's downloaded just click "OK"

#5. Go to the second tab. As you can see in this screenshot...I originally had [10] downloaded previously and now have [20]

So the next time you use Meitu XiuXiu and don't have an Internet connection, you would still be able to use the stickers you have downloaded. :)

Hope this helps those who have asked me about it. ;)

Ps. If I'm not mistaken, effects/stickers that you have used previously (not downloaded) are automatically downloaded and stored on your pc. That's why sometimes when you're not connected to the Internet, you can only see a limited number of stickers/effects. :)



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