Feb 14, 2012

You Are Loved ♥

"Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents never revenges itself."
-Mahatma Gandhi


Happy '♥' Day! :)



  1. i thought he was gonna get rejected from some girl cause he use flower paper XD .. i would cry if that happened .. luckily turn out nice ending :)

  2. hey nice photospam there. I love your editing. where did you do the "poladroid-like" framing? I've been looking for that kind of apps for a while but cant seem to find it. Anyway thanks

  3. @Jazlyn: hahaha. yeah, it was an unexpected and touching ending. :) Good reminder that Valentine's is the day to show love to everyone.

    @Charenn: Hi thanks! I actually used photoshop for that. There are other ways you can do it... using Picnik or Meitu XiuXiu. :)

  4. >w< What a cute video! The message behind it is beatiful.


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