Jan 10, 2012

New kitten on the block

 Meet Sayang ♥

She came stumbling and crawling into my compound a few days back... had a nasty looking wound on her hind leg. Took her to the vet to get her checked and dewormed. She's recovering now but she doesn't have the strength to stand up. :(

We're putting her up for adoption but also depending on how her leg heals up and if she can start walking/jumping again. At the moment her hind legs just go weak and collapse. Vet says no fracture or anything so will wait for her to heal up and see how it goes. :)

"Hello world!"



  1. So cute!! I looking for cat oso.. haha if u dont want, give me ;)

  2. Hey FeeQ! Serious? Okay will contact you once she heals up! :D

  3. god bless you heidi

  4. God bless FeeQ too!!
    He will make a kitty very happy~♥


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