Jan 3, 2012

Justin + Audrey's Wedding ♥


Audrey ♥



moment captured by John

Auds ♥

Justin :)

Congratulations Justin and Audrey! Twas a beautiful wedding and am honored to have been a part of such a momentous occasion! ♥



  1. So free to photoshop the photos some more.. haha :p Nice one :)

  2. Hello! Somehow I got into your blog, in the post you were talking about Meitu Xiuxiu photo editor.

    I created a blog today and I decided you would be the first in my blogroll ♥ Hope you don't mind.

    Getting married is such a big step!
    My best friend got married last month and this year she will move to Japan. I'm so happy for her because it was her dream, but I can't help feeling sad. :'(

    Long comment, sorry!
    PS: my internet life has an endless list of different nicknames, so please don't mind if you see Hengbok here and Ai in my blog and Habanero in my Facebook lol

  3. @Tha: Hahaha. Nothing better to do... but I used Meitu XiuXiu so very easy to edit only. :p

    @Hengbok: Hello! Nice to meet you! Haha, thanks, will link you up as well. ;) Aww, we told our friends not to forget us after getting married. haha. No worries! Thanks for leaving me a comment and for dropping by my blog. :D Will drop by yours too!


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