Jan 27, 2012

CNY 2012

CNY! Went back to Alor Setar and Penang as per recent tradition. Things changed again this year with the passing of my grandpa on dad's side. Wasn't supposed to go back for any reunion dinners but dad's siblings all wanted the family to get together, not to celebrate CNY, but to just be together as a family. :)

As usual, paid our respects to our late grandpa (mom's side) and late great grandpa.

After going back to Ah Ma's place for lunch with dad's side, we went for reunion dinner with mom's side. We've always had reunion lunch with dad's side and reunion dinner with mom's side... cos both sides are from Alor Setar. hehe. :)

Cousins ♥

Popo ♥
Went back to Penang on CNY 1st day after visiting a few relatives. My Kau Fu, Grandma, Kai Ma and cousins are all staying in Penang. So we popped by for a visit. :)

Kai Ma ♥
God-mom yang tersayang. hehe. :)

Immediate cousins from mom's side ♥
We take a photo together every year. This year Kriss is officially part of the family! Yay! :)

The whole gang.
Family is ♥



  1. Such warm loving photos. I would love to take family pictures like that. C: Unfortunately, we never take pictures and the last time was somewhere when I was in the 6th grade.

  2. Hi Paula! :D

    Thanks, aww why not? My family hardly meet up because we all stay kinda far apart... so every time we meet up for CNY we take family pictures. :) For me and my immediate cousins (6 of us) we take the same group photo every year in the same position. Kinda has become a tradition. :)

  3. Hahaha, laughing at the whole gang photo! ♪


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