Jan 8, 2012

Berjaya Bcard

Introducing the Berjaya Bcard! ♥

Okay... so what is it?

A shopaholic, foodaholic and travelholic's best friend. ;)

The Berjaya Bcard is a reward program which allows members to collect and redeem points at participating outlets like:

  • Starbucks
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Papa Johns
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Wendy's
  • Big Apple Restaurant
  • Border's
  • Video Ezy
  • Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
  • Desa Water Park
  • Bukit Jalil & Kiara Clubs
  • Automotive car garages
  • Berjaya resorts

Click HERE for full list!

The interesting part is, you collect BPoints every time you spend AND redeem! Basically you collect points ALL THE TIME! Sweet! :D

Bcard Benefits?

  • No annual fees. It's FREE baybeh! :D
  • Lifetime membership!
  • Collect BPoints for every purchase and redemption.
  • BPoints value: 1 BPoint is equivalent in value to 1 sen (100 BPoints = RM1).
  • Redeem BPoints instantly at over 250 participating outlets or redeem exclusive items through BCard Online Redemption at www.bcard.com.my
  • Check your BPoints via
    • SMS. Type: BCardpoints16-digit BCard numberBCard pin. And send to 32125.
    • Online at www.bcard.com.my

I can haz my own Bcard?

Yes, yes you can!

You can apply BCARD for free at any BCARD participating outlet. Just grab a form from the merchant, fill it up and you'll receive your card instantly. You will receive a PIN code via SMS and email from Bcard after they receive your application form from the merchant. You'll need your PIN code for redemption purposes so don't lose it! BPoints will be awarded to you when your BCARD is swiped and terms and payment are fulfilled. Your BPoints can be redeemed instantly.

I personally like that you can “cash-in” points for immediate cash rebates. Which simply means, if you have, say, 5000 Bpoints in your Bcard, that's a value of RM50 (100 BPoints = RM1) that you can use at ANY of the participating stores. It's like having a debit card! Weee~

So that's what I did with mine when I went for lunch at Wendy's at Sunway Pyramid with Justin, Fred and Mabel (whom we bumped into. haha.)

Decide decide...

Order order...

Swipe swipe for cash redemption and to collect more points. Done!





Now there's even more reason to get your own Bcard:
Click for clearer view
3 Grand prizes and weekly prizes to be won!

1st prize: 4D/3D holiday package Berjaya Eden Park, London for 2 + £1000 cash
2nd prize: 3D/2N holiday package Berjaya Langkawi Resort for 2 + 1 iPhone 4S
3rd prize: 3D/2N holiday package Berjaya Tioman Resort for 2 + 1 iPad 2

So don't forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! Check it out on www.bcard.com.my for more details.



  1. Wonderful, we don't have these kind of cool stuff where I live. WE DON'T EVEN HAVE STARBUCKS IN MY CITY!!
    I don't know how I survive T__T

  2. What? O_O aww...that's such a shame... :(


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