Dec 17, 2011

Christmas @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Prepare to drool (after the jump). :p

Was invited by Wei-I to sample the Christmas specials at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. So I headed over and dragged Wilson along. haha. :D

Red Velvet Cupcake @ RM5.80/pc
Red Velvet seems to be the "it" cake recently and specially for Christmas, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sprinkled some magic and turned their Red Velvet Cakes into perfect sized Red Velvet Cupcakes! This was one of my most fav from the Christmas menu, the cake is not too sweet and the cream cheese frosting balances out the flavors well. Would definitely go back for more. Mmm ♥

Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake @ RM9.90/slice
The Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake wasn't really to my liking but only because I wasn't used to the taste of coffee with cheese... there's a slight bitter aftertaste and the cheese cake is really moist and dense. Still worth a try since it's something different. :)

Christmas Stollen @ RM7.90/ 2 pcs or RM36.00/ 500g
I have to say I've never tried stollen before. It's a traditional German Christmas cake and the easiest way I can describe it is a bread-like fruit cake. :) The bread is filled with mixed peel, raisins, almond flakes and stollen spices. Tastes and looks very festive so I reckon it would be a great alternative to a normal fruitcake for Christmas.

Chocolate Virginia Brownie @ RM12.50
Besides the Red Velvet Cupcake, this brownie is to die for! Moist, rich but not too over-powering chocolate brownie filled with strawberry jam and pistachio nuts. Seriously LOVE it! ♥

Tuna Spinach Pie @ RM7.80/pc
I'm not a fan of spinach but I can tell you that I somehow really enjoyed the Tuna Spinach Pie. haha. The pie was STUFFED, like seriously stuffed with tuna and spinach, the pastry was just the right thickness so it doesn't feel like you're eating more flour than filling. Worth trying!

White Chocolate Strawberry Meringue @ RM90.00/ 1.8kg
What's a Christmas dinner without a Christmas cake? hehe. Sink your teeth into a meringue filled with white chocolate cheese and frozen strawberries! When I tried this during the food review sesh, it didn't taste very sweet...there was a hint of sweetness and the cake texture was light and fluffy...almost like a mousse texture. I took some home for my mom to try and when we had it for breakfast the next day, somehow the meringue topping was really really sweet. :( The cake itself was still delicious, just that the meringue was too sweet for me and my mom.
#Tip: If buying this for a Christmas party/dinner/gathering, be sure to keep it refrigerated and only take it out when you're ready to serve it.

Oh btw, Christmas whole cakes and party packs are available at a 10% discount if purchased online ( or with the TCB Card. Click on the brochure below to see what other cakes are available. :)

To wash down all the nomtastic Christmas food, we tried the new Christmas drinks - The English Toffee and the Double Chocolate Peppermint.

I had the English Toffee latte and it was so so so good ♥
Wilson tried the Double Chocolate Peppermint ice-blended and said there wasn't enough peppermint in the drink, but Rebecca said the amount of peppermint inside was just right. I guess it boils down to how much you like the taste of peppermint. :p I didn't try it so I can't give my opinion but I can say I enjoyed my English Toffee. hehe.

(Click for a bigger view)

Thanks for inviting me Wei-I! :)

A "Yummy Wonderland" indeed!

Deck the Tree cards @ RM2/pc

What's this ? How did it go from food to gift cards/tags? Read on!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives back to the tea plantations and coffee estates from which they buy the top 1% quality coffees and teas in the world.  Every bag of coffee their customer purchases contributes to the schools and communities in those estates. This is known as The Caring Cup initiative (

This year  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are targeting towards building a rest area for the Sri Lanka Children’s Cancer Center. One rest area costs RM15,000 to build, and it is meant for the children’s caregivers to stay in during their treatment period. With this every proceed of the Deck the Tree Card (RM2 per card) goes to the fund. :)

So look out for this at your nearest The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet and give the gift of hope this Christmas. ;)

Other Christmas specials at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have started selling these Single Serve Beverage machines. These are the Kaldi models and there's another model called the Contata (not pictured). 

All you need to do is:
1. Place a espresso, coffee or tea capsule into the machine
2. Select a cup size and press the button
Done. One perfect cup of espresso/coffee/tea. So simple. :D

 The capsules. There's 4 types of Espresso, brewed coffee and tea. So you can prepare your favourite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf beverages from the comfort of your home or office.

The CBTL Single Serve Beverage Machine prices are:
Kaldi – RM980 (RM784), Contata – RM880 (RM704), both are offered at a 20% discount now in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets till 1st Jan for all payment modes, 31st Jan for the Maybank/Amex promo (+ Free Starter Pack).

Click on the brochures below for more info:

For more info on these machines, head over to

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are also selling a wide range of gift sets that are perfect for coffee/tea lovers. :)

Click on the brochure below for the full list of gift sets:

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the range of Christmas offerings at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, I almost never go to Coffee Bean cos I usually go to the "other" place for coffee. Time to change that. hehe. :) For more info on the Christmas promotions, head over to



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  2. Yup. Blogger has an automatic mobile version that you can activate. :)

  3. Always good to see u babe!
    Take care, you will ace your masters! And catch u over more desserts next time :)

  4. Hey Rebecca! :D Was awesome to see you and hear that you're doing so well. hehe. ♥ Thanks and catch you around! :D


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