Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Baking

Finally had a bit of time to do some Christmas baking...well basically I had to stay up all night. haha.

Peppermint Meringues
Followed the recipe from

Snowflake Sugar Cookies
Adapted the recipe from Joy of Baking

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes
Roughly adapted from Annie's Eats... cos I was lacking some ingredients but it still tasted good. haha.

Update: I retried the recipe and this time watered down my strawberry jam so I managed to get the swirls right. yay. :)

December hasn't been very good... a lot of ups and downs...Praying hard things will get better. :)



  1. save some for me !!! looks yummy !! =D

    u got new oven adi? =)

  2. The sugar cookies were delicious. Just the right amount of sweetness, to me, Thanks again, Di. :)

    P.S: Brighter days are in store for you in the new year, I'm sure of it. Keep your chin up, k.

  3. Me want to try Peppermint Meringue and Sugar Cookies too :p Let's trade.. :))

  4. @botakai: Yup got myself a cheap oven but so far so good. :)

    @Em: Welcome! :D Thanks Em, I hope so too. :)

    @Tha: One day we must have a sleepover + baking sesh k? :p


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