Sep 3, 2011

美图秀秀 meitu xiuxiu (iphone/ipod/android app)

This is for those who want to use the meitu xiuxiu app for iphone/ipod/android. :) It's in Chinese so I tried my best to translate and show the features of the program. Not as comprehensive as the desktop version but I like using it before uploading photos to Instagram. hehe. :D

Meitu XiuXiu app main screen

There will be two parts to this tutorial (so be prepared for a long-ish post after the jump)

Part 1: Photo Editor

This is the screen you'll see after clicking on the "photo editor" button aka the red button. haha. You can choose to select a photo from your camera album or take a new photo.

I decided to take a new photo for this tutorial and my old teddy bear will be the model. :D

Once you've taken a new photo or selected a photo from the album, you will be taken to this screen.
A) Edit
B) Colour adjustments
C) Lens blur/ background blur/tilt shift
D) Effects
E) Border

-------- A) Edit -------
The edit button brings up the following 3 tools for editing the image:

1. Crop
(center oval button is for you to set the crop ration, blue button is to confirm your changes)

 2. Transform (Rotate/Flip)
(Rotate left, rotate right, flip vertically, flip horizontally, bottom bar is to rotate the image freely)

3. Increase clarity (increase sharpness)

------- B) Colour adjustments -------
The colour adjustment tool allows you to edit 3 things:

Saturation, Brightness, Contrast

------- C) Lens blur/ background blur/tilt shift -------

You basically have two options for adjusting the depth of field (sorry for the typo in the image. haha.). The one on the right is usually used for creating a tilt shift effect.

------- D) Effects -------
Ah... the best part! :D Adding effects to the images.

You have 3 categories to choose from, I'd say you should try each one out and see which effect works best for your image. :)

 If you want to apply multiple effects, you have to select one effect, press the green "tick" and come back again to select another effect. For this image I applied one effect only.

------- E) Border -------
Adding borders/frames to the image.

There are two categories to choose from. Firstly the simple frames/borders.

Secondly the special kinda borders. Which are really nice. :)

Once you're done, hit the top right button to save the image.

It'll bring you to this screen, just hit the orange button to save the image to your camera album. The rest is for sharing to other social networks but I don't use those.

Tada! ♥

Part 2: Photo Editor

So this is what you can do after editing your photos... make a collage! :) 

Hit the green button from the main screen.

And you'll see this. Just click the green button to get started on adding images in.

There are actually 3 collage methods available so I'll show them one by one...starting with the standard collage.

You should see this after clicking the green button from the collage main screen. You can select up to 9 images from your camera album. Once you're done just click the blue button.

It will automatically place your images into a collage. You have 10 layout choices. If you look at the bottom row of categories, the first one is a standard collage, the second is freeform or scrapbook style and the last is a photobooth style layout.

I chose the 3rd layout and as you can see, you can also change the border (more info below)...or add/remove photos.

Each photo can be individually adjusted. You can use the pinch zoom method to resize the image or click on the image and you'll have this set of edits. Change image, rotate or flip.

These are some of the borders you can choose. :)

Done! :) Saving the image is the same method as in Part 1. Just click the top right button and select the orange button.

Now for the freeform/ scrapbook style collage:

Just click on the bottom row, middle button and you will automatically see this.

You can freely drag the images to change their position, pinch zoom to enlarge or shrink the image size and pinch rotate the images. Like in the standard collage, you have two oval buttons below the images for you to (left) change the background, (right) add/remove images.

Here's some of the backgrounds you can choose. The orange button is for you to add your own image (from the camera album) as a background.

More backgrounds...

Once you're happy with it, you can save the image using the same method mentioned previously.

This is what the saved image looks like ♥

And finally the photobooth style collage...which I don't really like... :p

Just click the the last category and you'll automatically have this. :) You can move the images around and just like the other categories, you can change the background as well as add/remove images.

Final outcome.

Owh and if at anytime you click the home button and see's just asking you if you're sure you want to abandon whatever work you've been doing. :) Hit "confirm" to go back to the main screen if you wanna start all over again. :)

And DONE! :D

The app is pretty straightforward I harm clicking around and testing things out. ;)

Hope this helps iphone/ipod/android users. :D (not sure if there's an Android version)

-Update (6/04/2012) -
As requested by ::Shama::

In the newer versions of the Meitu XiuXiu app, there are two more options on the main screen:

The blue one is the "Materials Center". The orange one is to take a photo that you can then edit in this app. So since that one is self explanatory, I'll only talk about the Materials Center. 

Clicking on the "Materials Center" button will bring you to this screen:
You will see a list of materials available for you to download. Yes, these are ADD ON materials that you can download and use in the Meitu XiuXiu app. However there is a catch - You MUST sign up for a Meitu Account and login in order for you to download anything. Look at the top right blue that button to "Login".

You should see the following page:
If you already have an account, go ahead and enter your Meitu Account number/ID which would be either your email or your mobile number. Enter your password and click the green button to login.

If you don't have an account, click on the blue button at the top right to "Sign Up" for an account.

If you click Sign Up, you will see this:
I've translated everything on this screen. Basically it's free to sign up, so just enter your details accordingly and sign up for an account.
NOTE: I personally DO NOT have a Meitu Account. I don't use this feature, sorry. :(

So once you have an account and have logged in, you can click on any of the materials and it should bring you to a page like the above. Click the green button to download a particular material you want. Done!

Just in case: If you're not logged in, you will see this pop up window when you try to download a material. Again you can choose to sign up, login or cancel.

And that's all!

Hope this helps. :)



  1. Android got it also ^^.
    Just installed on my phone, all the same with Iphone/Ipod version.

    Thank for your sharing again.
    They should put dual language like the picture you did. :D

  2. No prob! Thanks for the heads up about the android market, amended the post! :D :D :D

    Yeah they really should...or at least have some language option. A lot of people who want to use meitu xiuxiu can't read Chinese. >_<

  3. Android (LG Optimus Prime)September 4, 2011 at 10:26 PM

    Then you should purpose to them, may be they will consider and next time meitu xiu xiu use your pretty face as Their software example :D

  4. oh my times like this i wish i can read mandarin T_T... now there is a app for PPS for ipad ipod... can watch any show

  5. @Android (LG Optimus Prime): hahaha. They should pay me for helping them to translate the software. XD

    @Botakai: Ah. I heard about that app too. :)

  6. amen THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xoxoxoxoxox

  7. where can i install this?

  8. This is for your iphone or android mobile phone. :)

    For desktop version go to

  9. Ohmygod! Thank you SO much! >u> <3

  10. @VCLUXE: You're very welcome! :)

    @Fluff: Aww...You are welcome! :D

  11. Heidi!!
    you're such a star for translating!!...Thank You sooo much!...

    ...I have a request =/... I'm using the app on my iphone & it has 1 other options on the welcome screen in addition to the ones you've gone through here which im not sure about... im so sorry to bother you hun bt any chance you could translate them aswl?...

    Thank You so much again!...

  12. Hi Shama! :)
    You're very very welcome! And sure thing... give me some time and I'll post up a translation of the other options on the welcome screen here. :)

  13. Thank You sooo much hun! (^_^)...
    btw you're blog is saved as one of my 'favourites' so will be checking it out more often =D...
    you're into photography it seems =)... niceee!
    all the best & keep it up!...


    1. Hey Shama! Thank you! :) I've updated the post with a translation of the new welcome screen. Hope it helps! ;)

  14. Thank You so much for your time Heidi!... Did i say you were a star! (^_^)...I feel like a pro on the app now! =D...


  15. where can i download some meitu background?

    1. Follow the tutorial! That's the only way I know to download new backgrounds.

  16. Thank you for this tutorial! :D

  17. Thanks sooo much for the tutorial! I was wondering if you can do an updated version with the new options? They have added a couple more photo-editing options, including what I think is probably a "Beauty" category with 3 sliders, and a Text category (which is pretty self-explanatory, but still). That would be SUPER! I have no idea what the beauty options say, hahah. :D

    1. You're welcome! :D Oh, will check it out and update it as soon as I can. :) Thanks for letting me know!

  18. the new update is pretty cool, is comes with something like photoshop. this is probably the best (free) photo editor app on the entire app store.


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