Aug 28, 2011

Pretty pretty nails! ♥

Celine and I got acrylic nails at Amy's place! :D

I think Amy did an AMAZING job! It the first time getting acrylic nails for both me and Celine so we were very intrigued by the whole process. haha. I've only tried gel nails and it was done by two nail art I wasn't too happy with the result then and never wanted to get nail extensions anymore. But now I'm in love with acrylics and will definitely go back to Amy for more. :D :D :D

Verdict: The nails feel very natural, are freaking smooth, shiny and of course very pretty. :) And for once I don't have to be worried about "destroying" my nails after a manicure...I'm clumsy after all. haha. I LOVE MY NAILS! ♥

If you're interested in getting acrylic or gel nails do email me for Amy's contact (my email is on the right side bar of my blog). :) She does it as a side business/hobby so you'll just have to call and make an appointment or to find out more about the pricing etc. She's based in KL and Selangor. She can do french tips, wedding nails, or you can just show her a design you want.


(in case you're wondering...the photos were edited with meitu xiuxiu)


  1. Love.your.nails.

    I still wish I had a choice to choose. LOL!

    But nonetheless, she still did an awesome job. Am loving her and acrylics and our ice cream together. More to come girl!


    p/s: Bet you're still thinking about the epilator.

  2. hahaha. Next time we bring sample designs for her to see. :p

    I've been checking everywhere and the prices. hahahaha. This is your fault!!! :p

    Btw, have a safe trip to NY! Been reading news, I think the worse is over but just be careful anyway. Will be praying for you. ;)


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