Jul 8, 2011

Melbourne Part 3

-Day 5-
DFO South Wharf, Bridge Road Richmond
***This is the last of the Sydney+Melbourne blogposts. Yay! (throws virtual confetti) Also wanted to finish this quick before I go to Hong Kong. haha.***

Day 5 was considered our last "day" in Melbourne as we had an early morning flight the next day. :) So we decided to chillax and make it a shopping day. :D

8kgs of fresh cherries bought from Queen Victoria Market.

I seriously wish we had Pura milk in Malaysia. :(

Our breakfast that morning. :)

First stop of the day was DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) South Wharf, took the train to Flinders St. and then hopped onto the Tram.

We had to walk quite a bit to get to DFO.

And it was super gloomy and windy that day. Good thing neither one of us got swept away by the wind. :))

DFO is right next to the Melbourne Convention Centre

My most fav store! :) Bought a blouse and got a free pair of shorts. Was really tempted to buy more stuff but it was kinda pricey. :(

Lots of branded stuff. :)

Saw this on the way back to Richmond.

It's so cool how they have traffic lights for the Trams. :)

Lord of the Fries again for lunch. hehe.

The rest of the afternoon was spend wondering around Richmond and window shopping.

We wanted to go to Richmond Plaza for some shopping BUT we totally forgot all shops close at 5pm so by the time we walked back here it was closing already. :(

Dinner! Awesome pizza again. :)

Aunt Jenna, mom's friend who helped us get a place to stay in Melbourne.

Cadbury Flakes! mmmmmmm. ♥

Here on it's nonsense photos I took in our room cos there's nothing to do once all the shops close.

"That's all folks!"

-Day 6-
Back to KL :)

Saying goodbyes.

Our luggage. haha.

Ahhh... couldn't wait to go back home. :)


If you watch Gosick the anime you should consider reading the novels. ;)

Bye bye Melbourne, bye bye Australia. Twas a fun and fabulous trip. :D


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