Jul 16, 2011

Ily Liyana's Wedding

Was praying so hard I won't get lost...am totally not familiar with Kelana Jaya...had to rely on my GPS the whole way.

Got there right after the entourage (bride, groom, bridesmaid etc) went in. Phew!

Noni and Mia ♥
Ili's bridesmaids. :)

With Farah ♥
who so sweetly teman-ed me cos I didn't really know anyone else there. T_T

Ex-MMU mates :)

Met Nab and Q there. :)

Giving my "blessings" to the bride and groom. My first time! haha. Felt so jakun and was worried about whether I was doing the right thing. :p


Farah and me with our "Bunga Pahar"...something they give us after we give our blessings.

The gorgeous couple...King and Queen for the day! :)

Congratulations to you both! ♥



  1. aw..so fast u upload n blogged! haahhaa!! nice meeting u there!! we'll see each other again soon!! hugs!

  2. hahaha. trying to stop being such a lazy blogger. XD


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