Jul 26, 2011

HP Hit Print Roadshow @ MMU Cyberjaya

So the HP Hit Print Roadshow dropped by MMU Cyberjaya today and I popped by to check it out. :)

The roadshow was held at the right time as there was a cultural festival going on...Central was very happening today. :)

Just before the lunch crowd came bustling in.

HP's line up of new printers.

Participants trying to win the chance to buy a HP printer for RM1

The Game is really simple. The first person to get the message and their name emailed to the printer to be printed out wins!

It's times like this that I wish I had a smartphone that can send emails. :(

Just one of the many winners that day. Congrats on buying a HP printer worth RM389 for only RM1!!!

If you wanna check out when the HP Hit Print roadshow is coming to your University/ College, do join the HP Facebook page for updates:

If you missed the roadshow, worry not! You can still stand a chance to win great HP Products & other great prizes such as an iPad2, Motorola Defy & more by joining the HP "Be Original" photo contest on HP's Facebook page.

Click HERE for more information on the contest and to JOIN or VOTE! :)



  1. why your blog suddenly become HP blog already?
    You work at HP?

  2. LOL. Nah, just helping a friend to promote. :)


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