Jul 17, 2011

Hong Kong Summer Holiday Pt 1

Since I've posted most of my photos on FB, I'm just gonna use the blog to write out additional information on where we stayed, the places we visited in Hong Kong and the stuff I bought. Summer sales yo! :D

Day 1 - Mongkok & Tsim Sha Tsui

My "in-flight entertainment". hehe. We took an early morning flight so mom and bro slept while I caught up with my reading list. :)

Good thing Dragon Hostel gave us clear instructions (and a map) on how to get to the hostel from the airport. Was a 35min bus ride from the airport to Mongkok MTR station and then a 5 min walk to the hostel.

Buses to and from the airports have a special storage location to put your luggage. It's also a double-decker so there's plenty of space to sit. Though I don't really recommend the upper deck cos it can be motion-sickness inducing. :(

A flyer I got from the airport... cute graphic designs. :)

Apartments. A common sight in Hong Kong.

This is something I've never seen before. Wi-Fi stations that can be found throughout the city. :)

Our room at Dragon Hostel. Small but comfortable. Came with a private bathroom that is really small but it had a water heater. yay. :p

I booked our room through Hostelworld.com, was a fast and simple process. Paid a 10% deposit plus a service charge and only paid in full when we got to the hostel.

Ours was the 3 bed Private Ensuite, cost us HK$1173 (roughly RM460) for three nights. They provide soap, shampoo and towels (which you can change daily), free wi-fi in the rooms, room service everyday, a pantry with a fridge, hot/cold water dispenser, laundry area (there's a small fee) and free luggage storage for the same day you check out. When we checked out on the last day, we checked out early and left our luggage with the hostel (they chained and locked it up in the office area) cos our flight home was at 9pm. So we went sight-seeing, last minute shopping and had lunch then came back to collect out luggage around 4.30pm.

Our experience:
As I said, the room is really small but we got used to it. We had to shove our luggage under the beds otherwise there'd be no space to walk. Aircond was nice and cold, water heater worked well, good water pressure. Beds were a little hard but we still slept well (I had problems waking everyone up in the morning...especially my bro). We didn't really hear much noise at night except for a few honking cars. The staff were very friendly, helpful and can speak English. Overall we enjoyed our stay cos when you think about it, you only use the room to shower and sleep in...the rest of the time you'd be out from early morning till late at night. :) I highly recommend staying here but prolly would be too small (especially the toilet) for bigger sized ppl (like my dad. haha.).

Dragon Hostel also sells tickets to Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Madam Tussauds at a cheaper price. We bought the 1 day tour from them for HK$350 (RM136) per person which included sightseeing and tickets to Ocean Park. :)

Dragon Hostel Hong Kong
Rm 707, Sincere House.
83 Argyle Street. Mong Kok
Hong Kong

Tel: +852-9347-4767
Email: dragonhostel@yahoo.com

Down the street and across the road is Langham Place. Highly recommended shopping centre with 13 floors. 12 floors for shopping, the 13th floor is a bar + lounge area.

We came to Langham Place for lunch after checking in but didn't shop here as we wanted to go to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Found in most toilets in Hong Kong. Malaysia should implement this.

Heading to the Mongkok MTR station. In Mongkok, everywhere you turn you'll bump into people. Super super busy area regardless if it's a weekend or weekday.

Took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui, cost us HK$5 (RM2) per person for a single trip.

We walked around and checked out Harbour City (another famous shopping centre) but the stuff there is pretty pricey (high end brands).

Saw a girl using this at McD, found the case later at a shop in Mongkok but didn't buy cos I dun have an iphone4. :( 

Took us a while to find our way to the Avenue of Stars. Had to stop and ask for directions a few times.

Found a spot to sit down and waited for the Symphony of Lights to start.

I'm not sure if we were facing the wrong direction or what but the Symphony of Lights was kinda disappointing. :( Just a few lasers, moving lights and some music. That was it. Was expecting sometime more spectacular. Maybe it would have been nicer to watch aboard a cruise ship or star ferry.

After this we walked back towards the MTR station and stopped by Sogo for a bit of shopping and dinner.

Bought a whole bunch of masks from Bonjour. Comes to about RM1.50-RM2 per mask sheet. The yellow thingy in the back is a Baviphat lemon sleeping mask which I got for HK$68 (RM26.50) also at Bonjour.

Blouse and belt from Maple.

Finally got my hands on my own can of steam cream. :D

Was gonna die from happiness when I saw Liz Lisa in Sogo! :D
Splurged my hard earned money on a pair of wedges that I love love love ♥ (hence the photo comes with a dreamy effect) teehee.

How can you not love the details? ♥♥♥

Also bought a gorgeous lace outer wear from Liz Lisa. Happy happy joy joy ♥

Baking supplies. :)

Day 2 - 1 day tour + Ocean Park

As I said earlier, we joined a local 1 day tour. First stop was The Peak and we stopped at Stubbs Road Lookout but the weather was too hazy for us to see anything clearly. :(

We then headed over to Repulse Bay beach and walked to the end to the Tin Hau Temple.

Quite an interesting temple with plenty of photo opportunities. :)

Best shoes for travelling. :D

Next stop was the Golden Bauhinia Square, outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is the spot where the ceremonies for the handover of Hong Kong took place. :)

Finally we headed to Ocean Park for lunch at the Middle Kingdom and to spend the rest of the day. :D

Awesome awesome ride.

We headed to the Ocean Theatre for the dolphin show around 2pm but it was so packed and hot that we decided to come back later.

I think you can tell from my face just how hot the weather was. I was melting. T_T
(and when I got back that evening I had rashes on the places I forgot to put sunscreen. sob sob.)

Chillaxed for a bit at this cafe cos the heat was seriously unbearable. Had expensive drinks and egg tarts.

Went back to the Ocean Theatre around 3pm for the 3.30pm show and it was already this packed. Insane!

Finally got some seats that weren't directly under the sun. Was still super hot and I swear I left a butt sweat stain on my seat.

15min entertainment before the show starts.

Squeeeee! ♥

Dolphins!!!!!! ♥

The seals were adorable. ♥

One thing I really like about the dolphin show is the dolphins and seals were not forced to do silly circus tricks to entertain people. The whole show was a narrated story about how humans and animals should co-exist in harmony and how we should not pollute the sea.

Took the Ocean Express Train to the second part of Ocean Park.

Can't understand why everyone must push and shove their way into the train. jeez.

Multimedia show inside the train.

You can take the cable car down/up too if you're willing to wait 30mins to 1 hour. :p

Giant Panda Adventure!!!!! haha. XD

It is the coolest place in Ocean Park. Literally. When we got inside we were like "Ahhhh...aircond!!!!" hahaha. :D It's a gorgeous sanctuary and park keepers kept having to tell people to shaddup cos we weren't suppose to make noise inside.

Giant pandas♥!

Otters during feeding time. :)

After we left Ocean Park, we decided to walk around a bit before dinner.

Sai Yeung Choi Street 西洋菜街. Famous for electrical goods. Bought instax films (plain ones) for HK$58 (RM22) per box.

Vincent's brother recommended this shop, Lok Yuen Beef Ball King, located along Sai Yeung Choi Street near the Mongkok MTR station D2.

Clockwise from top: Beef Ball Noodles, Black Pepper Beef Ball Noodles and Beef Brisket Noodles.

Very delicious. The black pepper beef balls are a little tougher to chew than the normal beef balls but still yummy.

After shopping around the streets and shopping at Argyle Centre, we tapau-ed some supper from McD.

McD McWings platter is a must try! ♥

Bought the two blouse for HK$45 (RM17.50) each. Clothes and sandals (can't remember exact price but it was around RM30) were from Argyle Centre which is a shopping heaven for girls. Rilakkuma car freshener was around HK$65, the rest of the stuff are from Sasa and Bonjour.

Snacks from Bonjour. Certain Bonjour branches have a mini mart inside (normally you'll only see cosmetic products) that sells snacks much much cheaper than what you find in the supermarkets or mini markets outside. The ham and cheese Pretz that my bro bought was HK$4.50 (RM1.80) at Bonjour but everywhere else was selling it for HK$8.

So yeah, there was a debate about whether we should go to HK Disneyland or Ocean Park and in the end because of time constrains we decided to go for Ocean Park. Definitely did not regret it. Ocean Park is awesome...it's huge and has plenty for everyone regardless of age. I would love to go back again the next time I go to Hong Kong. :)

So this concludes Day 1 and 2....
Day 3 and 4 will be continued in part 2. :)



  1. yeah it's true about bonjour i just went last week and i bought this nestea milk tea it cost only HKD4.50 then i went to 7-11 and saw the exact same thing for HKD8.50 *faint* end up not getting it stupid me didn't get few extra cans from bonjour. saw u got the strawberry oreo !! didn't saw any

  2. Owh! Yeah, we really regretted not buying more snacks from Bonjour cos at the end of the day we forgot which branch we bought the snacks from. (wayyyy too many Bonjours in one area. hahaha.) Strawberry Oreos is just okay. Kinda like the blueberry Oreos. Quite similar in taste. :)

  3. Once we were kings?
    hows the read?

    PS. The word verification captcha for this post os "boner".... >.<

  4. Wow, you always travel here and there in this few year.

    Why your family trip only your bro and mum, didn't see your father?

  5. @Sable: hahahaha. Captcha's are so funny sometimes. XD Once We Were Kings is good! It's part of a trilogy and I'm halfway through the first book. Dunno if I should wait till the second book comes out before finishing...I hate waiting... :p

    @Never been to HK: Just this year. haha. Cos of the AirAsia promos last year. :) My dad has to work and babysit the cats. Besides, when we ask him, he doesn't want to go with us...so that the money we save from his ticket and travelling expenses can be used for other things.

  6. Wear that cool shoe when we go out the next round ya :p

  7. Haha Yeah they are! Especially those with two words. Sometimes they turn out real funny.

    I know what you mean. Right now I'm waiting for the next book in a series I'm reading. It's supposed to be out somewhere next year! :(

    But if I pick up a book, I like to read it to the end sooner than late (suspense lah!). Maybe I'll pick "Once We Were Kings" one day :)

  8. @Tha: Okay! As long as we won't be walking thru mud or rocks or anything that will spoil the shoe. HAHAHA. XD

    @Sable: The author of "Once We Were Kings" is Joshua Graham under the pen name Ian Alexander. Check out his website cos he gives some of his books out for free for a limited time. :) (I got Once We Were Kings from B&N for USD3.99, you can get it for the same price on Smashwords :D ) http://joshua-graham.com/2011/06/24/summer-extravaganza-free-ebooks/

  9. Thanks Heidi, already downloaded a few of the books he had for free :)
    Totally loving Smashwords since they have both kindle and epub formats. :D

  10. Hehe. Yup. Smashwords is awesome. A variety of formats you can download + a lot of indie authors give out coupons for free books. :D

  11. yeah SASA and Bonjour is like everywhere there but very hard to find a supermarket. the Bonjour that i went was hidden behind the ladies market which we found accidentally. me too regret on not buying more stuff there too.

  12. nice post. Hong Kong an attractive place to visit, with a blend of the beauty of modern buildings and hills are interesting, I like it


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