Jul 26, 2011

HP Hit Print Roadshow @ MMU Cyberjaya

So the HP Hit Print Roadshow dropped by MMU Cyberjaya today and I popped by to check it out. :)

The roadshow was held at the right time as there was a cultural festival going on...Central was very happening today. :)

Just before the lunch crowd came bustling in.

HP's line up of new printers.

Participants trying to win the chance to buy a HP printer for RM1

The Game is really simple. The first person to get the message and their name emailed to the printer to be printed out wins!

It's times like this that I wish I had a smartphone that can send emails. :(

Just one of the many winners that day. Congrats on buying a HP printer worth RM389 for only RM1!!!

If you wanna check out when the HP Hit Print roadshow is coming to your University/ College, do join the HP Facebook page for updates:

If you missed the roadshow, worry not! You can still stand a chance to win great HP Products & other great prizes such as an iPad2, Motorola Defy & more by joining the HP "Be Original" photo contest on HP's Facebook page.

Click HERE for more information on the contest and to JOIN or VOTE! :)


Jul 20, 2011

HP Hit Print - Print the smart way

Normally when we think of printing...

A. You need a PC/Laptop attached to your printer.
B. You need to be attached (kinda) to your PC/Laptop

In other words, to get your printing done, you're pretty much limited to being physically in a room with a PC /Laptop and a printer. :(

Now, thanks to Hewlett-Packard's Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series...

If you can email it, you can print it.

Voila! HP ePrint...it's that cool and convenient! :D

Each printer will have a unique email address so that you can send documents, photos, etc to that device and have it printed out. Which also means, if your friends have a HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One printer, you can exchange email addresses so that you can send stuff to their printer too. :)

I know what you're thinking:

"EMAIL??? What if people start spamming my printer with photos of their nostril hair?*shock! horror!*"
(okay I don't know anyone who would seriously do this...maybe Euveng...)


"What if I get spammed by emails about enlarging certain body parts???"
(Would be really gross to get print outs of these...blergh.)

HAVE NO FEAR! HP ePrint has a spam control system. :) This includes creating a black and white list to control which devices can send to your printer...You can read more about it on ZDNET.

Want to print photos from your Facebook? There are even apps for the printer to do that! Check out the list of apps HERE.

Find out more info on the HP website: Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer.

Besides this new printer, Hewlett-Packard has also introduced a budget friendly printer for those of us who love savings $$$.

Ultra low-cost printing

Introducing the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage, the printer that allows you to print more for less by using ultra low-cost ink. How much more affordable would printing be with this printer?

Yup! You'll be able to print 600 pages for just RM27 per cartridge. The ultra-low-cost, high-capacity ink cartridges are able to deliver laser-quality text, vivid colour graphics and photos.

This would be perfect for students, especially when you need to print out pages after pages of slides, notes, reports, assignments etc. Maybe I should get one to print out my thesis... hmm...

Click to view bigger image

Well okay, so this sounds all nice and dandy. But no point just reading about this online, why don't you check these new printers out yourself at the HP Hit Print Roadshow!

  • Roadshow starts on 19 July - 9 August in colleges and universities in the Klang Valley.
  • Details of roadshow will be updated on HP Malaysia Facebook (be a fan and find out more info about the roadshow, the contests and the locations ;) ) https://www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia
  • There will be fun activities during roadshow (stand a chance to get a HP Printer @ RM1)

Fellow Multimedia University Cyberjaya students, the HP Hit Print Roadshow will be held on the 26th of July 2011 which is next Tuesday!!!

See you there! :D


Jul 17, 2011

Hong Kong Summer Holiday Pt 1

Since I've posted most of my photos on FB, I'm just gonna use the blog to write out additional information on where we stayed, the places we visited in Hong Kong and the stuff I bought. Summer sales yo! :D

Day 1 - Mongkok & Tsim Sha Tsui

My "in-flight entertainment". hehe. We took an early morning flight so mom and bro slept while I caught up with my reading list. :)

A daily affair

Dear Nutella,

Thank you for constantly screwing up my diet plans. Y U TASTE SO GOOD?!


Jul 16, 2011

Ily Liyana's Wedding

Was praying so hard I won't get lost...am totally not familiar with Kelana Jaya...had to rely on my GPS the whole way.

Got there right after the entourage (bride, groom, bridesmaid etc) went in. Phew!

Noni and Mia ♥
Ili's bridesmaids. :)

With Farah ♥
who so sweetly teman-ed me cos I didn't really know anyone else there. T_T

Ex-MMU mates :)

Met Nab and Q there. :)

Giving my "blessings" to the bride and groom. My first time! haha. Felt so jakun and was worried about whether I was doing the right thing. :p


Farah and me with our "Bunga Pahar"...something they give us after we give our blessings.

The gorgeous couple...King and Queen for the day! :)

Congratulations to you both! ♥


Jul 15, 2011

Froyo <3

Nothing like Royal Red Velvet Froyo on a hot sunny afternoon. :D I think this is by far my most favourite flavor from Tutti Frutti. Got this at the Tutti Frutti in Neo-Cyber, Cyberjaya. :D

Jul 8, 2011

Melbourne Part 3

-Day 5-
DFO South Wharf, Bridge Road Richmond
***This is the last of the Sydney+Melbourne blogposts. Yay! (throws virtual confetti) Also wanted to finish this quick before I go to Hong Kong. haha.***

Day 5 was considered our last "day" in Melbourne as we had an early morning flight the next day. :) So we decided to chillax and make it a shopping day. :D

8kgs of fresh cherries bought from Queen Victoria Market.


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