Jun 28, 2011

"Seditious" Poem?

Just read news that our national laureate A Samad Said (we grew up reading and learning his poems in literature class) was probed for reciting a "seditious" poem (below, taken from http://blog.limkitsiang.com. Read more about what happened here

Note: A. Samad Said read out only the last two stanzas of his poem 
Semakin lara kita didera bara -
kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka:
Demokrasi sebenderang mentari
sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri. 
Lama resah kita – demokrasi luka;
lama duka kita – demokrasi lara.
Demokrasi yang angkuh, kita cemuhi;
suara bebas yang utuh, kita idami! 
Dua abad lalu Sam Adams berseru:
(di Boston dijirus teh ke laut biru):
Tak diperlu gempita sorak yang gebu,
diperlu hanya unggun api yang syahdu. 
Kini menyalalah unggun sakti itu;
kini merebaklah nyala unggun itu. 
The Bersih Fire
As the coals that molest us rage higher
we shout still the message of Merdeka
for democracy as bright as the sun
as pure as dignity our purpose is one 
Deep is our worry – as democracy’s wounds
long is our sadness – as democracy’s woes
at arrogant democracy we scorn
for a strong free voice we dream 
Two centuries ago Sam Adams decreed
in Boston was tea poured into blue seas
no need for riotous shouts full of ire
only for a truly heartfelt fire 
Alight now the sacred fire
spread afar raging higher.

Personally I think this is a beautifully written poem, nothing "seditious" about it...especially when compared to a certain independent MP (who-shall-not-be-named)'s tirade of purely seditious comments. Irks me to see how the government is handling the whole Bersih 2.0 situation. :(


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