Jun 19, 2011

Old school laptop

A very old Fujitsu FMV 450N/S1 Notebook that my dad's friend gave us. We could only use DOS cos we didn't have the password to log into Windows.
My bro and I used to write simple programming stuff on this when we were in Primary school. Kinda like made our own adventure story where you can pick and choose your path and see which ending it leads you to. Haha. :D

Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore. Plus we lost the battery and charger. Even the LCD screen is cracked and destroyed. :(

Not sure if we should keep it or just throw it away. :(



  1. you didnt tell me you're back to bloggin!!! :))

  2. hahaha. On and off babe. :P I'm a lazy blogger. XD

  3. Haha atleast youre consistent

    My blogging hiatus usually would take months or even a year

  4. That’s definitely one of the first laptops to come out, a relative vintage in portable devices, if you ask me. I hope you kept it! Even though it isn’t working anymore, it can be kept as a memorabilia. It pioneered the development of portable computers, and it’s definitely got some historic value. :)



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