Jun 20, 2011

Melbourne Part 2

-Day 3-
Lygon St, Phillip Island tour, Churchill Koala Conservation, Nobbies, Penguin Parade

***It's been 6 months since I came back from my trip to Sydney+Melbourne. Someone should give me an honorary doctorate in procrastinology***

The Phillip Island Tour was one of the highlights of our Melbourne trip. We wanted to go see the 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Read but had to forgo it for the Phillip Island tour since both were the same price and we were on a budget. :(

And speaking of budgets... we resorted to having cup noodles for breakfast just to save money. :p

Joyce making breakfast. haha. :D

We had some time before meeting up with the tour group so we decided to head down to Lygon Street and see if we could find some of the makan places Emerene suggested.

Gelatissimo! :D

Graffiti in Melbourne are actually nice artworks. Unlike what we see in Malaysia. :( 

If I remember correctly, this was a gorgeous spice shop. :)

Our tour bus! :)

AUD210 for two. T_T

We had a really friendly and VERY talkative tour guide/bus driver. :)
Left a little later cos we had to wait for some late comers.

So cool... I wonder how much it costs to take a ride in one of these.

The view while crossing over to Phillip Island. :)

Happened outside Churchill Island Visitor Centre! So cool. :D

This place is kinda like a farm/conservation place. They took us inside for a tour of the place.

Wallabies! Reminded me of the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life.

I know... I look so tiny next to this. T_T

Some baby farm animals. I swear those were their names!

There were ducklings, guinea pigs, peacocks, rabbits, chickens roaming the area.

Overall the place was pretty nice. Very lush and with a few quaint cottages.

Next stop was the Koala Conservation Centre. :)

The whole area has board walks and you spend your time walking around trying to spot Koalas in the trees. :)

This guy reminds me of Snorlax (Pokemon) haha.

See how far they really are?

Always lost. Biasalah tu.

A momma koala and her baby. ♥

Snack time! Tasted exactly like our Paddle Pop Rainbow. (I'm drooling now thinking about it...should go buy some paddle pop soon.)

See the wooden boxes? Home to penguins! :D I was so surprised when I saw these. I didn't know the penguins dug burrows to build nests. (Cos I didn't know anything about Fairy Penguins...should have googled it first. :p )

Nobbies Centre is where we stopped by to have lunch.


Gorgeous scenery

Seal rock. Where apparently you'll find a huge colony of seals? I dunno, couldn't see clearly cos of the glaring sun (as you can see from the pic. haha.)

Nobbies Centre was FILLED with seagulls trying to steal food/snacks from tourists.

So after lunch the tour guide took us around Phillip Island for a mini tour before we headed off for the Penguin Parade. We even got to see the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Cool stuff. :)

They no allow camera....but but but...whyyyyyyy. T_T
(It used to be no flash photography but I guess it's hard to control...and disturbing the penguins is a HUGE no no. So they just banned cameras.)

Souvenirs! I bought a fridge magnet since the last time my bro came here he bought a small glass with penguins on it. :)

Curi-curi ambik gambar. hoho.

This was the observation area where we sat and froze our asses off to catch a sight of the penguins coming home. We were freezing but IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The penguins would come back in small groups. One usually runs up shore, checks and runs back to the sea. Then slowly but surely they start to march up the shore and head to their burrows. SO CUTE CAN DIE ♥

(Taken stealthily without flash. Chicks waiting and calling for their parents.)

There were so many of penguins waddling their way up the hills it was really an amazing sight. I did take a short video of them walking by but ain't gonna post it here lest I get in trouble. :p

I thought these were jokes but we actually saw a few penguins end up on the roads! O_o

Lucky for the penguins they had human guardians watching traffic and helping them get across the roads to go home. :)

By the time we got home it was close to midnight and so we took a cab home. Felt it was too dangerous to be taking the tram/train and walking home.

QV market, Harbour Town, Lygon St

Day 4 was reserved for shopping! :) We took the tram over to Queen Victoria market and then dropped by Harbour Town (Sandra told me about this place. :D).

QV Market is HUGE!

Spanish Donuts or Churros! :) Sandra recommended we should try it.

And I must say it was VERY good. :)

hehe. priceless expression. :D

Took me forever to find this. Another recommendation by Sandra. :) 

Jam filled doughnuts. mmmmmmmmmmmm ♥

Harbour Town! Pretty easy to get here. Just hop onto the Free City Tram. :)

Joining the tourism club for some extra discounts. The tourist lounge was amazing! They allowed us to leave the stuff we bought at QV Market here so that we could go enjoy shopping. :)

Look who came to visit! haha. :)

Christmas deco everywhere! :)

Plenty of shops to browse around. Very different from shopping at a mall.

Levi's Outlet! :D

Dropped by Coles in Richmond on the way back home for some quick grocery shopping.

Dinner! :) Cafe Corretto was recommended by Emerene so we couldn't wait to try out the food there. :)

Top highlight of my Melbourne trip? Met up with Jia Meei for dinner. ♥ She was my bestie wayyyy back in Kuen Cheng 1 Primary School. :D Awesome awesome awesome. Was so nice seeing you babe! Thanks for dinner. Such a treat! ♥

Part of the decor.

Sooooooooo good. :3

Salmon pizza. :D

We couldn't find this place at first but luckily Jia Meei knew where it was. :) Lots of people recommended Il Dolce Freddo for nomtastic ice-cream so we dropped by for dessert. :)


Was so glad I got to meet up with Jia Meei. Twas a wonderful night... until something shitty happened. :( Owh well. Still enjoyed the night with good food and great company. :)

Part 3 of my Melbourne trip will be really short. hahaha. I should really stop procrastinating when it comes to blogging...

Till then. :p



  1. gahhhh you went to Australia??

  2. @Carin: Hehe. :D

    @Toni: Christmas last year babe. :) Had a conference in Aussie to attend.

  3. Lol, I didn't see the 6 months disclaimer

    Whoaaa lucky! :))

  4. Doctorate ? We should spank you instead.. hee hee XD

  5. ahhh! harbour town :( Churros!! QV market!! :(

  6. haha. I miss the Churros babe! Hot, crispy and dusted with sugar. So so so good!!! ♥


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