Apr 4, 2011

Melbourne Part 1

-Day 1 and 2-
Tullamarine Airport, Federation Square, Brighton Beach, St. Kilda

We arrived around dinner time at Tullamarine Airport where my mom's friend, aunty Jenna picked us up. Grabbed some McDs for dinner and went to Richmond. We stayed at aunty Jenna's friend's place in Richmond cos they were away on a holiday and graciously allowed us to bunk in their place. :D

In Melbourne, the suburbs closer to the city (like Richmond) have super expensive houses (AUD$1mil and above) that are really small. The suburbs further away are more affordable and bigger with plenty of land. I guess it's the same everywhere but I'm more used to how in Malaysia, in the city it's all high rise luxury condominiums. Whilst the landed property are in the suburbs.

Our host. haha. :3
The house we stayed at was a small cosy house with a small backyard and a small front lawn. Almost no place to park your car too. Interesting contrast from the home we stayed at in Sydney.

We didn't really feel very safe cos the area seemed kinda shady so we always made sure we came home before it got dark. Two girls walking down a block or two in the dark is a bad idea.

Everyday we took a tram to Richmond Station to catch a train into the city. Love the convenient public transportation in Australia. :) We had to walk a bit from the house to the tram stop but it was okay. Good way to burn off all the calories from our Sydney trip. haha.

The trains are comfy and clean, similar to the ones in Sydney.

Melbourne Visitor Centre. #1 place to go for tourists. VERY friendly people who assist you in finding your way around, answer your queries and help you book tours. :) We went here first thing in the morning to book our Phillip Island tour and to get some maps.

Flinders Street Station.
Seems small in this picture but it's cos we took it from this angle. From another angle, it stretches all the way down the road. :P

So cool! Rent a bike to move around the city. If we had this in Malaysia the bikes would prolly be stolen. :(

Doing silly things at Federation Square. XD

Took a train followed by a bus down to Brighton Beach. We were basically doing it backpackers' style in Melbourne as aunty Jenna was working so we didn't have any locals to bring us around... unlike in Sydney.

And the whole time we kinda survived on Up&Go Liquid Breakfast as well as muesli bars we bought from the supermarkets in Sydney. Saves us money and time. :)

We kept getting lost on the way to Brighton Beach. =_= We didn't know it was such a far walk from the bus stop!!! Good thing the locals were really friendly and gave us directions to where the beach huts were.

Walk until can die okay. So freakin' far. But totally worth it. The huts are so so so cute! :D

Then, out of no where, it rained heavily and we were drenched while running to a nearby restroom for shelter.

Rain lasted for 5 mins and then it was sunny again...for 5 mins before it started drizzling again. And that was basically the weather the whole time we were in Melbourne. D:

Seriously, the weather makes it really hard to move around. Open umbrella, close umbrella, open umbrella, close umbrella...gahhhhh. D:

Do you see what I see? :9

Back to the city we went. We decided to tour the city a bit before heading to St. Kilda Pier in the evening.

The City Circle Tram. Free rides and therefore, very awesome. :D

Dropped by 'Yes' Optus to reload our simcards. The packages they have are super confusing we just told them..."we want whichever allows us to text and call internationally".

Underground public toilets! :D

It was around lunch time and we wanted to try Lord of the Fries. I knew it's on Elizabeth St. but I didn't know where exactly. So we kept having to stop and ask for directions. Little did we know, we were on the wrong end of Elizabeth St. so we had to walk all the way down. And it was a freaking long walk. T_T

Lord of the Fries.... I MISS YOUUUUU. T^T

Tastes even better after walking for what seemed like an eternity.

One box = lunch for 2. :)
Box of fries = AUD$6.50
African Sauce (Belgian mayo,ketchup,onion) = AUD$1.75

Wide variety of Churros! Too bad we didn't have the budget to try them. Instead, we decided we'd try the famous ones at Queen Victoria Market.

Me to You bag. woahhh.

Took a trip down to St. Kilda after lunch. Weather was still gloomy + sunny. Go figure.



Joyce kinda abandoned me halfway walking down the pier. Cos her feet were full of blisters so she sat at one of the benches while I explored further.

Going back to Richmond, we were tempted to get a massage for our aching feet. But Kung Fu Massage sounded kinda...er...painful. haha.

PURA Milk. Extremely creamy fresh milk. Nothing like what we have in Malaysia.

Aunty Jenna ordered some pizza from Crust for dinner.

It was really REALLY good pizza. Very different from pizzas in Malaysia.

We slept early that night cos we had a full day tour to Phillip Island the next day. Will continue that in the next post. :)



  1. richmond there is this vietnamese restaurant i always go did you try??? forgot wat izzit called... think was ton something something... at corner wan...

  2. "Lord of the Fries" look super nice, HUGE!!!

    Looking forward to your next post

  3. @Botakai: Nope. Yeah, lots of Viet restaurant there but we didn't go try.

    @LongTimeNoSee: haha. IZ AWESOME! :D

  4. Lord of the Fries I WANTTTT!! damn I'm supposed to be on 'no carbs' diet, thanks lar Heidi :p tsk tsk


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