Apr 26, 2011



Don't ever wanna be "blinded" by hatred

Self reminder to learn to let go

For Em:

♥ Di

Apr 4, 2011

Melbourne Part 1

-Day 1 and 2-
Tullamarine Airport, Federation Square, Brighton Beach, St. Kilda

We arrived around dinner time at Tullamarine Airport where my mom's friend, aunty Jenna picked us up. Grabbed some McDs for dinner and went to Richmond. We stayed at aunty Jenna's friend's place in Richmond cos they were away on a holiday and graciously allowed us to bunk in their place. :D

In Melbourne, the suburbs closer to the city (like Richmond) have super expensive houses (AUD$1mil and above) that are really small. The suburbs further away are more affordable and bigger with plenty of land. I guess it's the same everywhere but I'm more used to how in Malaysia, in the city it's all high rise luxury condominiums. Whilst the landed property are in the suburbs.

Our host. haha. :3
The house we stayed at was a small cosy house with a small backyard and a small front lawn. Almost no place to park your car too. Interesting contrast from the home we stayed at in Sydney.

We didn't really feel very safe cos the area seemed kinda shady so we always made sure we came home before it got dark. Two girls walking down a block or two in the dark is a bad idea.


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