Mar 24, 2011

Sydney Part 3

Finally! The last two days of my stay in Sydney. :) 

-Day 9-
Koala Park, Pho Sam, DFO, Sydney Skywalk, Dinner @ "Home", The Rocks

Woke up with wavy hair! haha. It kinda amused me, must be the weather there. I hardly had a bad hair day in Sydney. :) Barely needed to use any styling tools, just brush and go. :)

*warning*: More photos after the jump! ;) [not too much since it's only two days worth.hehe.]

Joyce's aunt and cousin brought us to the Koala Park in West Pennant Hills.

Kinda small-ish but I thought it was pretty nice. We were there early so it wasn't too crowded and the weather was perfect. :)

Sheep shearing! O_O
Yes, that's me... got called up to try shearing the sheep. and scary experience. haha.

Boomerang and sheep herding demonstration.

The Border Collie was so adorable. ♥

Eep sheeps! ♥

Kangaroo petting. :) It was an open area with Kangaroos chillax-ing around and you can just go up to them to  take a picture. :)

Mama Kangaroo and her Joey in the pouch. :)


First time getting up close with a Kangaroo, they're really tame but I was still wary and kept wondering if they would suddenly kick me. (hence not getting too close to them)

Koala meet and greet. :)

More nom noms please.

I love how Koalas sleep. And their facial expressions are priceless. ♥

For lunch, we went to this Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Sam to try some Vietnamese beef noodles.

Nasi Goreng (Malaysian Style)!!! haha. Didn't try that, look at the price! AUD$11.50...about RM36. siao. XD

Spring Rolls. Yummy but has to go with the sauce for a better "kick". haha.

Beef noodles! :) First time trying so I wasn't used to the flavour at first...after a few more bites it tasted pretty yummilicious. :) The beef comes raw so you have to push it into the soup and let it cook.

SHOPPING TIME @ Direct Factory Outlet.

Shopping at Cotton On. Got some really cheap sunnies there. About AUD$2 to AUD$5 per pair. :D

Bougainvillea aka Bunga Kertas in full bloom at one of the train stations.

So cool! A propeller beanie!

Later that evening, Joyce's cousin and her husband took us out for a night about town. :) They even bought us tickets to go for the Sydney Skywalk @ Sydney Tower! They're such a sweet couple. ♥

Excited to check out the Sydney Tower. :)

The spectacular view from the top! It has a panoramic view and you can walk around taking pictures or look through the binoculars.

Putting on the jumpsuits for the Skywalk. They gave us lockers to put our bags, shoes, camera, jewelry and basically anything that could potentially drop when we are out on the platform.

We had to put on harnesses and safety equipment. There were two platforms where you can basically see a 360 view of Sydney. The views from the platforms were seriously breathtaking. We got the sunset view which was gorgeous. They have night walks and sunrise walks as well. :)

Every team goes with a tour guide who points out places of interest in Sydney and tells you some interesting stories. Like how a shopping cart ended up on top of the Harbour Bridge thanks to some drunk boys. hahaha.

They kept making us jump up and down on the platform. To assure us the glass won't break under our weight, our tour guide told us that the entire team from the Biggest Loser have jumped on the platform. :)

Since we couldn't bring our cameras along, they took photos for us as a whole group (from one angle) and individually from 3 different angles (as in together with who you came with). Then we had to buy the CD. (expected lah. hahaha.) You can buy prints as well but we figured we might as well buy one CD, share the cost and just burn another copy. :) It was money well spent. How often do we get to do this anyway? :)

This was at Central Station. During the night they project colorful images onto the building. :)

Joyce's cousin Tammie and her hubby Jason. :)

Haha. My childhood bestie's name. :)

We had our dinner @ Home! haha. :)

It's a Thai fusion restaurant and was pretty jammed pack which patrons.

Some of the dishes we ordered:
Soft shell crab + Kerabu mango

Some sort of dumpling with veg inside.

Green curry.

Looks harmless but was the spiciest dish. haha.

Can't recall if this was beef or chicken...or pork. @_@

After dinner we headed to The Rocks.

Amazing view of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.
We practically walked under the end of the bridge. :)

Brightly lit night scene. Yeap, there were parties going on in full swing. :)

Luna Park! Didn't enter, just stood outside and marveled at the scary face. haha.

-Day 9-
Macquarie Shopping Centre, Depart for Melbourne

Breakfast!!! Complete with a lame face. haha. The sliced up ham was very tasty btw. :D
We had ham + toast + fruits + cake for breakfast. HOW TO NOT PUT ON WEIGHT??? hahaha.

ANZAC biscuits. Nice! Very chewy and soft.

I miss his handsome face. ♥

Macquarie Shopping Centre. 

aww... :)

I really miss shopping at BigW, Woolies, Coles and all the dollar stores. They have the coolest stuff.

Typo, brand under Cotton On. They sell very nice stationary. :)

MYER is like our Isetan or Jusco.

Dessert before leaving for the airport. Christmas Pudding ice-cream. SERIOUSLY very delicious. ♥

Our wonderful wonderful wonderful hosts. We are eternally grateful for everything Joyce's aunt, uncle and cousins have done for us during our stay in Sydney. It was an awesome 9 days in Sydney and we loved every bit of it.♥

Next up: Melbourne! :)



  1. Love it Love it.... !!!!

    I missed them so much also...

  2. hahaha. Yeah. Would be really nice to see them again...and this time with Tammie's new girl. hehe. :)

  3. The last picture is a very good shot.


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