Mar 24, 2011

Sydney Part 3

Finally! The last two days of my stay in Sydney. :) 

-Day 9-
Koala Park, Pho Sam, DFO, Sydney Skywalk, Dinner @ "Home", The Rocks

Woke up with wavy hair! haha. It kinda amused me, must be the weather there. I hardly had a bad hair day in Sydney. :) Barely needed to use any styling tools, just brush and go. :)

*warning*: More photos after the jump! ;) [not too much since it's only two days worth.hehe.]

Mar 13, 2011


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Pray for Japan. 
Pray for the world.
Pray for the people.

For hearts to be comforted.
For hope and for healing.
For strength in the midst of tragedy.
For miracles, big or small.

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