Feb 16, 2011

Weekend Sewing Project #1

I have an extremely horrible habit of getting itchy fingers whenever I'm bogged down with work. It's been like this since I was really young. Every time I have exams/ too much homework/ assignments, I end up taking a few hours off to indulge in some project. haha. My way of escaping reality. :) Which was what happened this weekend. haha.

A few months back I got into a "I wanna learn how to sew" phase so I ended up buying some fabric and sewing stuff with the intention of making my mom a bag to replace her old denim "marketing" bag. Marketing as in going to the morning market to buy groceries. hehe. So I finally made her a shoulder bag with a zipped top. Couldn't find any patterns online so I decided to just wing it. Didn't turn out as nice as I hoped...but okaylah, since the only other thing I've sewn is a pillow case and some small plushies. hahaha.

The cheapo travel pillow I bought in Aussie seems to have sprung a leak so I decided to make my own travel pillow. It's filled with cotton so it's really nice and firm. Not very portable compared to the air-filled type but it should be fine to just bring it along when I go travelling middle of this year. :) (mom is asking me to make her one too. hehe.)

Owh and I added a simple inner pocket for my mom to put her phone. Took me a while to figure it out. I think I sewed the lining on wrongly but who cares. I'll try again next time. Starting to get the hang of using the sewing machine. yay. :D

Looking forward to more weekend DIY projects. :)



  1. i think the bag looks ok leh?

    but then i really really really no patience to sit down n sew lor >_<

  2. Thanks unni! :) Maybe if you see it in person you'll notice the flaws. hahaha. XD

    I sew until back pain loh. haha. Definitely not something I'll do everyday. :P

  3. great.. next time i can see u hangout with ur moded shirts, pants or handbags, haha

  4. hahaha. wahhh. won't lah, I'm just doing this for fun! XD


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