Feb 26, 2011

Weekend Projects #2

Random small projects done last weekend. :) 

Tutorial here: Skip To My Lou
Really really really easy to make! And it's a great project for any scrap/ remnant fabric you have lying around. :) I think it would be great as a small gift as well...or for wedding favors. :)

Used leftover fabric from making mom's bag for this. Bought the purse spring frames from Daiso.. 2 in a pack for RM5. :) It looks like the one used here: Lostlessness

Made some Chicken Pie that became my breakfast for a few days. LOL. (I ziplocked and freezed them, then thaw and pop em into the oven to reheat.) Recipe I used was from here: My Culinary Journal. But I didn't really follow it (except for the dough recipe), I pretty much made my own gravy since you can basically put in whatever you like...and I substituted water for chicken stock :)

I was trying to see if I could use my toaster as a temporary oven since my oven died last year and I haven't been able to replace it. Turns out the toaster works but the heat is really uneven so I had to rotate the position of the pies in order for them to cook and brown evenly. haih. I guess it's better than not being able to bake at all. :)

I also made another handbag for myself but it was a bit of a disaster. Will post it up another time. :P



  1. Banyak lapang oh.. :p

    Nice job there by the way. I was just telling John today in one of our random conversation that you have gifted hands. Whatever you touch turns to gold :p

    Unlike mine.. baking has never been perfect... :p

  2. LOL. I refuse to do work on weekends. :D haha. :P

    Nah, I make plenty of mistakes. :( And usually before I try a new recipe I do extensive research. hahaha. but yeah, a lot of it is trial and error. :)

    Btw, was thinking we could get together one weekend and make Mille Crepe together. :D The batter and cream has to be prepared a day before tho...slumber party? :P Would be nice to cook and bake with you guys again...just like old times. :)

  3. haha. yeap. weekends are not for working. :)

    the pouch's really nice
    love the heart shapes on the pies, hehe. I need to start working on weekend projects on my own =__=

  4. haha. yeah, weekend projects are so much fun. :3 I thought you have weekend "painting" projects?

  5. :-O




  6. Sabar sabar! hahahaha. wait till I get a proper oven lah. my little toaster is pathetic. XD


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