Feb 8, 2011

CNY 2011

CNY 2011 was different from the usual way we celebrated CNY...but nonetheless it was lots of fun.


Full outfit from Aussie. haha.
Top and bottom from Forever New (I seriously ♥ this shop...too bad their stuff are really pricey.)
Bag is Ruby & Kit.

Mom ♥

Saying "Wassup" to gong gong. We do this every year on the eve of CNY. Which always leads to mom and my tai yi crying. I miss gong gong too. :'(

Siblings who don't look alike. haha. :D

Make up for the reunion dinner. :d
I love my new lipstick from Stage. ♥

Outfit and shoes. :D
Top and shoe from a boutique in Cheras. (Play Boutique if I'm not mistaken)
Skirt from Esprit.
Bangles from Aldo.

Bored waiting for the dinner to start at StarCity Hotel.

With Justin. (I'm 24 this year and he's 27 this year, do we look our age? lol.)

Cousins + Vincent! ♥

The entertainment that night. bleh. :(
Kinda lousy compared to last year's entertainment. At least last year we had hot sexy girls singing and dancing.

And to make matters worst, the guy went back stage and came out looking like this:

My cousin Hazel so wanted to punch his face.
Btw, the tissue he's holding...he wiped his butt, groin, armpit, (insert any other possible disgusting places here) and then used that tissue to wipe the girl's face. THE HORROR.

And the family decided we WON'T be going back to StarCity Hotel for reunion dinners anymore. Food and entertainment was lousy compared to last year. Even the lucky draw prizes had me and my cousins hoping we wouldn't get any of it. Vouchers for the restaurant in the hotel? Come on lahhh. At least last year they gave out really nice prizes.

Playing with sparklers after dinner. :)

A neighbouring temple released some gorgeous fireworks. :) We had the best seats in the house. Boo-yah! :D

CNY day 1 outfit. :)
Bought the top from a boutique in Bangsar.
Paired it with shorts at first cos the weather in Kedah was sweltering hot. Then mom came and forced me to wear jeans instead...gahhh... D:

Chester who should be Daryl's twin brother. haha.
Angle is EVERYTHING when taking a photo...this angle makes my face nice and slim...padahal my face giler bulat. muahaha. :D

Pretty cousin Renee. :)

Took a trip down to Penang to ber-reunion with my popo, kai ma and kao fu sekeluarga.
(My popo in the background is so cute...I have no idea what she's doing. haha.)

Every dish was cooked by my kai ma and every dish was incredibly amazingly awesomely delicious. ♥

Whenever my kai ma comes to KL, we all put on 10kg.

My cute popo. ♥
We have matching necklaces. My kai ma has the same one too. :D
I should pose like this more often... it hides my double chin. :D :D :D

Aunty Lilian, Daryl's kai ma.
(I missed taking a pic with my own kai ma... Orz)

With Hazel and Vincent...hopefully Vincent will be "family" very soon. hoho. :D
(My kai ma's in the background...so I DO have a picture with her this year...indirectly...haha. :P)

Fab fab CNY 2011~! \(^^)/

♥ Di


  1. Your mom so leng lui weh!
    Not to mention you also lar :P

  2. You look like 27, he look like 24 lol

  3. Looks like you had tons of fun :) and your outfits are all really pretty! (^_^)V

  4. @Justin: hahahaha. thanks! :D Though I look nothing like my mom. LOL.

    @Anon: LOL. zha dou. nice one. hahaha. XD

    @Amelia: Thanks dear! :D

  5. phiuweet <3
    love the top from Forever New. You were right. It's totally your style XD. When we go Aussie next time we should definitely stop by that shop again. The top from Bangsar is really sweet too.

    And.. that guy... *shivers* Seriously pity the girl =_=

    Hahaha. Your po po so cute.. looks like she's posing.. or dancing. And the food looks sogud. ;__;

  6. Totally. I wonder how big/small the shop is in Singapore. Should take note and go down when there's sales. :)

    If you're ever back during CNY then I can bring you back to Penang to try my Kai Ma's awesome cooking. :3 I so want to find time to just learn all her recipes. It's all in her head and not written down anywhere. :(


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