Jan 29, 2011

Sydney Part 2

And so on to Part 2 of my trip to Sydney! :) I think I failed to mention it's both my first time visiting Sydney and first time visiting Australia. :) hehe.

-Day 5-
Bunnings Warehouse, Stockland, Westfield Parramatta.

Supposed to be the 2nd day of conference but I woke up feeling sick so we decided to sleep in and rest a bit. I was down with a bad sore throat, flu and cough.

*warning*: LOTS and LOTS of photos after the jump! :)

Before lunch, Joyce's uncle and aunt brought us to Bunnings cos they needed to get a new lawn mower. :)

Bunnings also has a garden section with really beautiful flowers.

After Bunnings, we dropped by this small shopping centre to look for some travel pillows. Yeah, after the horrid flight we were traumatized and decided we need a travel pillow for the return trip.

Managed to find some for $2 at a budget shop! And bought some souvenirs as well. :)

Hydrangeas at Joyce's aunt's place. Apparently, the colour of the flowers depends on how acidic or alkaline the soil is. :)

After lunch, Joyce's aunt brought us to Westfield Parramatta for some shopping. :D
Bought some really cheap stuff at Ses. $3 for a maxi dress, $2 for leggings etc. A lot of the shops had clearance sales so there were really nice stuff going for $4 to $15.

Went back to Joyce's aunt's place and that evening we got to watch her uncle feed some birds in the backyard. The Rainbow Lorikeets were all already waiting in a nearby tree.

Joyce's uncle putting down the food for the birds. Notice some are eagerly waiting on the clothes line?

Makan time! :D

Om nom nom nom.


-Day 6-
Ascilite 2010 Conference at Novotel, Carlingford Court, Carlingford Village

Presentation day! :D We got up extra early and took a bus + train + bus to Novotel Brighton Beach Sydney.

One of the screens in the main hall was used as a twitter feed. :)

Dr. Jan Herrington!

Camwhore again in the toilet. XD

Waiting for our presentation time slot.

Dr. Jan Herrington was the best! She came for my session and I was seriously starstruck. :D

Cabut early after finishing our presentation. Was a really good experience. ♥

Random: Yum Cha in Australia means Dim Sum!

Went back home and May Lee prepared sandwiches for us for lunch! Avocado + Ham. Seriously freakin' awesome. I had seconds ♥!

This was already my second helping. haha.

Om nom nom ♥

After lunch we went to Carlingford Court for a bit of shopping. :)


The supermarkets have ready made cakes & cupcakes.

Cadbury chocolate...in ice-cream form. I tried the triple choc one, so so so so good. ♥

Just a small portion of the chocolate variety available in the supermarket. (Choose until go crazy.)

Went to Gloria Jeans after shopping to wait for Richard to meet us after work.

Joyce and I so healthy...we had green tea. hoho. Doesn't taste like Japanese green tea tho. :(

May Lee bought Sara Lee mini baked cheesecakes, which was supposed to be our dessert after dinner...but Richard opened them up and we finished it within minutes. haha.

Cookies and Cream. Perfect bite size.


Seriously very delicious. I haven't seen this in Malaysia...if anyone has seen this being sold at our local supermarkets please let me know! :)

Hopped over to Carlingford Village where all the shops were selling asian stuff. This is their version of Jusco Supermarket.

Asian supermarket dam best.

Seedless durian!

Malaysian durian. :)

Even their Magnum ice-cream has more flavours and variety than ours. :(

While waiting for Aunty Lai Meng to prepare dinner, Joyce and I took a stroll to the nearby field to, erm, walk off everything we ate before dinner. haha. We were too stuffed from all that snacking.

I really love how we can just lie down on the grass in Australia and not have to worry about bugs or anything.

Two sampat Malaysian girls. haha.

Dinner was a FEAST!!! We regretted stuffing ourselves before dinner. :(

This was the best lah. Super FRESH melt-in-your-mouth raw salmon. Aunty Lai Meng purposely went to the market to get this for Joyce.

and since I told them I prefer smoked salmon, they got me super FRESH smoked salmon. ♥ ♥ ♥

One of the main reasons why I piled on the pounds in Aussie. Delicious home-cooked food. :3 Owh and we had fresh sweet fruits for dessert. mmmmm. ♥

-Day 7-
Blue Mountains (Echo Point - Three Sisters, Scenic World), Aussie Barbie

Joyce's uncle and aunty decided to bring us to up to Blue Mountain for a change of scenery.

Blue Mountain in the horizon.

Australia has HUGE freight carriers/ trucks. This one can consider kinda medium size dy.

Joyce and her aunt.

The Three Sisters! :)

The day we went to Blue Mountains was very windy and cloudy. Not very good for scenic views but the weather was perfect for walking around without getting sun burnt. :)

The three ladies with the three sisters. haha. :)

Had a lunch break in a park, picnic style. :)

Next stop was Scenic World, Katoomba. Those are scupltures of aborigines...which a LOT of guy tourists (well, it was a group of Thai tourists) took photos with while grabbing their "boobs". Gross.

Photo taken for one obvious reason. Cute counter guy! :3

I can't remember how much the Adult Scenic Pass cost... Joyce's aunt and uncle paid for us. Around $20 - 30 per person I think, they have a few packages for you to choose from.

Scenic Railway - the steepest incline railway in the world. 415m  descent.

Joyce's uncle posing with the signboard. :)

Once we reached the bottom, we took the Scenic Walkway towards the Scenic Cableway. The Scenic Walkway is a boardwalk through the rainforest, with signs containing information on the flora and fauna in the rainforest and there is a coal mining exhibition along the way which was pretty interesting. :)

All in all, Blue Mountains was a fabulous experience. Definitely should not be missed if you're going to Sydney. I heard there are explorer bus tours and guided tours to help you get around Blue Mountains. We spent about 3/4 of the day in Blue Mountains...no rush, just took our time to explore the place. There are still some areas in Blue Mountains we haven't seen like the Katoomba Falls.

In my previous post, I mentioned that everything in Aussie is extra big...everything except their Yakult. Which is teeny tiny in comparison to what we get in Malaysia. Really weird. haha. Joyce and I had Yakult almost everyday in Sydney cos we were eating so much we kept getting indigestion. (=_=")

So that evening, Tammie invited us over for some awesome Aussie Barbie. This here is kangaroo meat.

Attempting to work the grill. Tammie's hubby Jason is in the back laughing at my feeble attempts. :(

BBQ-ing AND taking photos at the same time. Mad skillz yo. :D

Joyce's turn to try. This siu jie touch a few times only then cabut dy. Apa nihhh!

Sizzle sizzle!


Party Pies! Apparently it's a must at Aussie parties. :)

Meringue dessert made by Tammie. ♥ She's really good at baking and making desserts. :)

Done with Day 5, 6 and 7. Next part will be Day 8 and 9 (last of Sydney). *Phew* This is taking me so long I'm beginning to forget a lot of details about the trip. Noeeessss. D:

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. the avacado and ham sandwich looks awesome.. and the ham meat is so thick @_@.

    and lol, pink tools..

    oh man, stuffed mushrooms..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSALMON SASHIMIIIIIIII why does the food in Aussie look so good T_T

    ok set dy. we're definitely going Sydney together one day.

  2. It's so freaking delicious! :D And avocado is cheap in Aussie...unlike Malaysia. :(

    I was lucky Joyce had relatives in Sydney. Eating out in Aussie isn't as nice...and is quite pricey. :( But yeah, when it comes to freshness...tiada bandingan! :D Sandra already told me about how awesome sashimi is in Aussie...and it truly is awesome. :)

  3. WOW
    Yum Cha in Australia is so expensive.

    ++ The country guy is nice shoot ++

  4. Yup! Asian food is expensive in Aussie. :( Taste-wise, if you can find the right shop it's pretty much the same as what we get in Malaysia. :)

    hehehe. He's so cute. :3

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