Jan 31, 2011

CNY Shopping + Stage Cosmetics mini splurge

Daryl dragged me up from my wonderful slumber and made me go Midvalley with him to shop for CNY clothes. It was so hard to get up...the rain + cold weather made me wanna snuggle in bed longer. :( And yeah, was wearing gray to match the gloomy weather. :)

Necklace from Em who bought it in the US. ♥

Gardens has gorgeous peacocks as part of their CNY deco this year. Good thing we left the house at 10.30am...we were only caught in a minor jam going towards PJ and we were able to find parking in The Gardens pretty quick.

Jeans with my brother's name on it. :D

I was about to burst out laughing at Daryl's expression. We wore matching colours today. :D

So after buying Daryl's CNY clothes we went over to Midvalley to just look see look see. I dropped by Stage because I heard (can't remember who I heard from) that they were having some RM18 sale going on. :D

And yes I had a mini splurge. haha.
Thanks to the sales, I bought stuff worth RM221 for RM70!!!! What a steal! :D

Stage Wondergloss Lipgloss in 08 Narcissus. RM18 (N/P: RM55)

It's very very shiny which makes my lips even fuller. I have to be careful about how much I apply cos it tends to get on my teeth. I'd prolly use this gloss over a lipstick, just to add some highlights to my lips. Colour is pretty intense for a lipgloss and it doesn't feel too sticky. :) I might go back for other colours before the promo ends cos I don't think I wanna pay RM55 for a lipgloss. (I'm kiam siap. haha.)

Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick in 16 Rock & Rose. RM18 (N/P: RM48)

This one I bought as a gift for my mom. It's more her colour than mine. I prefer lighter colours. Swatched it after she tried it on. haha. It's slightly more intense/darker than in this photo.

Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick in 04 Pastel Posy. RM18 (N/P: RM48)

Ahhhh, now this is more my colour. hahaha. Soft, sweet and natural. :D I love this colour! It closely matches my natural lip colour but makes it brighter. I tend to have pale lips so this gives it some colour. :)

Stage Nail Color in 03 Pretty. RM8 (N/P: RM35)

Took the opportunity to get new nail polish as my Elianto ones were drying up already. This colour is more of a pink than peach... like a dark pink with hints of peach. I guess it looks peachy in bright lighting (lol) but more pinkish in darker lighting.

Stage Nail Color in 06 Glamorous. RM8 (N/P: RM35)

Saw Plue try on red polish for her toe nails and it looked so nice! I'm not daring enough to try a bright red colour so I opted for a different shade of red. Still a vast difference from my usual preference for pink/nude/soft pastel colours. Aiyah, CNY mah...must use "ong" colours! :D Gonna go convince my mom to let me paint her toe nails red as well. hehe.

Stage Cosmetics' sale promo is on till the 28th of Feb 2011.

Owh and if you check the manufacturing date, it's between 2008 (nail polish) and 2009 (lippies).

Aite, I'm off to Alor Setar and Penang for CNY. :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone and happy holidays! ♥

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Haha. it's the cat necklace! <3

    Ohoho.. Someone admits she's a kiamsiapberry too. The pastel posy's a really nice color...and those sure are some juicy lips :d

  2. I never said I wasn't kiamsiap. HAHA. :D


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