Jan 30, 2011

1st Threading @ Apronbay

Honestly I haven't shaped my eyebrows in months...or maybe it's been a year. haha. I don't really like shaping my eyebrows cos I don't really have nice thick eyebrows...so I get worried my eyebrows might one day go bald (*touch wood*).

And if they do, I'd have to draw in my eyebrows...so I might end up looking like this:

Drawing it wayyyy too thin.

Or drawing it wayyyy too thick.

Or I might randomly decide to get creative.

And actually, I think I can get away with not shaping my eyebrows. It's not really obvious in photos cos my fringe covers 2/3 of my eyebrows. haha. But it's really ugly if you see me in person... darn it.

My childhood friend Jia Meei has really nicely shaped eyebrows and I remember her telling me she does threading and gets it done in some Indian beauty shop in Bangsar. I'm not familiar with Bangsar so I never found the place she did hers. boo. :(

Then I read Connie's blog about her experience at this place called Apronbay. So I thought, okay, I shall try it for myself.

On hindsight, prolly not a very good idea to do things like this just a few days before CNY.

Checked out Apronbay's FB page and called up to make an appointment. The place is pretty easy to find, directly opposite the Delicious end of Bangsar Village II (sounds wrong but owh well. :P) and same row as PappaRich.

It's got a nice simple ambiance. 

A cuppa tea while I fill in a declaration form (medical illness, skin problems etc.).

The doors to the rooms are pretty cool. :)

The whole threading process took around 10mins. Very fast and, for me (moderately high tolerance for pain), totally painless. :) All I felt was a teeny little prick. I think plucking with tweezers is far more painful.

Before - messy, unkempt eyebrows.

After - Neat, natural and clean brows. SWEET!

Only thing is, it's a little thinner than what I asked for but it's still okay cos it looks pretty natural. :) Owh and you can see the redness around the area, that's very normal for me cos I have very sensitive skin. The "after" picture was taken about 45mins after I left the place (a lot less red and itchy than when I first left the place, kinda looked like my eyebrows were attacked by mozzies). Took another half an hour or so for it to be back to normal.

I'd definitely go back again if I need to shape my eyebrows. :)

Threading cost me RM12, I heard that it's usually RM5 or something at those Indian beauty shops. It's still affordable for me considering I don't shape my eyebrows that often. After this, I'll just have to pluck out stray hairs on my own so my next threading session would be months away. :)


Website: http://www.apronbay.com
Tues - Sat: 11:00 - 21:00
Sun: 11:00 - 20:00
Closed on Mondays.
Location: 6-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 59100
Contact: +6-03-2287 8081
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/apronbay

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Perfect. Just the service that I needed! ;P

  2. I definitely could use a little threading myself.

    Oh btw, the first photo reminded me of this....


  3. Not sure if they do threading for guys. but we should try asking and go together next time. :D

    Owh man...sexy mami... O_O


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