Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Baking

Finally had a bit of time to do some Christmas baking...well basically I had to stay up all night. haha.

Peppermint Meringues
Followed the recipe from

Snowflake Sugar Cookies
Adapted the recipe from Joy of Baking

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes
Roughly adapted from Annie's Eats... cos I was lacking some ingredients but it still tasted good. haha.

Update: I retried the recipe and this time watered down my strawberry jam so I managed to get the swirls right. yay. :)

December hasn't been very good... a lot of ups and downs...Praying hard things will get better. :)


Dec 12, 2011

Vijay + Stef

Took a trip down to Malacca to attend Vijay and Stef's wedding, FINALLY! They've been dating for 6 years! :)

With the girls at the church wedding. Miss you all! ♥


Malacca River

Congrats to the couple, it was a beautiful wedding ♥
(can't wait to see little Stefs and Vijays running around. hehe.)

-Mini review of Tidur Tidur Guesthouse-

We only planned to stay a night in Malacca and Justin told us about Tidur Tidur Guesthouse which is owned by his friend Stanley (who is now our friend too. haha.). For the non-Malaysians, "Tidur" means "sleep" in Malay so Tidur Tidur means Sleep Sleep. ;)

  • Type of accommodation: Backpacker style
  • Rooms: Currently they have private rooms for 2 or 4, so no sharing with strangers, even if you're alone you'll get the room to yourself. :)
  • Bed types: All bunk beds (double-decker)
  • Toilets: Shared toilets, separated into male, female and unisex toilets. Equipped with hot shower.
  • Pantry: Small pantry with hot water provided.
  • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi available!
  • Price: VERY affordable. Sun - Thurs: RM15/bed; Fri & Sat: RM20/bed
  • Location: Strategic. Just a 5-10 min walk away from the main Jonker Street shops. Back of the shop is the Malacca River, gorgeous views especially at sunset. :)
  • Breakfast: At the moment, no breakfast provided. But you're in Malacca...there's so much to eat! Cendol, Chicken Rice Balls, Nonya food, Nonya kuih, pineapple tarts, Nadeje Mille Crepe (not in Jonker, this one is in Melaka Raya and Dataran Pahlawan) etc.
  • Other things to note: There's a lounge area with board games and cards for chillaxing. There are also tables and chairs along the corridor. One thing to note is that the rooms DO NOT have air-conditioning or ceiling/stand fans, Tidur Tidur Guesthouse uses a green system whereby each room has a ventilation fan that draws in the cool air from outside the rooms (ceiling fans and aircond located outside the rooms). It can get a lil stuffy in the day time but we had no problems sleeping at night.

Overall our stay was made very enjoyable thanks to the very friendly Stanley Chin. He is a young local designer who designs, manufactures and sells T-shirts. The front of Tidur Tidur Guesthouse is his shop Nil Six Studio/Mlackeny Der selling his T-shirts (which are unbelievably affordable and of very high quality. We bought 4 T-shirts from him!) and the back is the guesthouse which he recently opened.

If you're looking for a simple, clean, basic place to stay for a night or two in Malacca, Tidur Tidur Guesthouse is highly recommended. And you'll be in the heart of Malacca, Jonker Street, where all the good food is. hehe. :) And if you've never been to Malacca, ask Stanley for some recommendations and he'll pull out his map and show you were to go. ;)

The 3 of us with Stanley (in black)

Tidur Tidur Guesthouse

Nil Six Studio / Mlackeny Der


Nov 22, 2011

Clara C Live in KL!

Get your tickets here:

Or here:
Rock Corner The Curve ( Ground Floor) 03-7729 6313
Rock Corner 1 Utama (2nd Floor) 03-7725 5667
Rock Corner The Gardens ( 3rd Floor) 03-22834893
Rock Corner Mid Valley ( 3rd Floor) 03-2284 1423
Rock Corner Subang Parade ( Ground Floor) 03- 5636 9520
Rock Corner Suria KLCC ( Level 3) 03-21619417

Check out her YouTube channel here:

Can't wait can't wait can't wait! ♥


Nov 8, 2011

Hello Singapore~!

Took a detour to Singapore when we cancelled our Bangkok trip due to the floods.

Highlight of the trip was spending the day in Universal Studios...which was amazing! :D

Here's to many more years of friendship and travelling together. Love you guys ♥

-Mini review on The Hive @ Boon Keng-

We stayed at a backpacker's hostel called The Hive and chose the branch in Boon Keng because we wanted two twin sharing rooms. The other branches only had dorm style rooms.

Overall we really enjoyed our stay here, the rooms and toilets were very clean. Aircond was freezing cold and the blankets were kinda thin so we had to adjust the aircond and wear our jackets to sleep. haha. Breakfast is provided for free every morning from 7.30am to 10.30am. You can have toast with jam/peanut butter/butter/kaya or milk and cereal. Coffee and Tea are complimentary throughout the day. The staff were very friendly and helpful, there was free wifi throughout the hostel and there were several computers available for guests to use. Mine and Jacintha's room had a window facing the streets so we could hear some traffic noises at night but it wasn't that bad. We were still able to sleep through the night...except the first night when we woke up several times because the aircond was too cold. haha. The walls between rooms are pretty solid and sound although it was fully booked, we couldn't really hear any talking/laughing/etc from the other rooms. We tested it ourselves since we were worried about making too much noise at night laughing...turns out once we closed the main door (it's like a main room with two twin sharing rooms inside), no one else could hear us. :)

Definitely recommended place for budget travellers/ backpackers. Our rooms were SGD50 per room per night. All in we paid SGD300 for 4 pax for 3 nights. 

For further info or to book a room, check out:


Oct 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 @ MOS Euphoria

Cousins and I as the "Candy Skull Mafia Crew" hehe. :)

Headed over to MOS Euphoria on Saturday night for the Halloween party themed "Asian House of Horros".

Overall we enjoyed our night. Halloween parties are so much more fun when people are sporting enough to dress up. :) There were a lot more people in costumes when I went to MOS in 2009...maybe cos it was a one day thing that year...and this year it's 3 there weren't that many people in nice costumes. Owh well. Here's looking forward to next year's Halloween party. :D

Happy Halloween! ♥


Sep 27, 2011


Because we ♥ Malaysia.
And Malaysia is home.


Sep 3, 2011

美图秀秀 meitu xiuxiu (iphone/ipod/android app)

This is for those who want to use the meitu xiuxiu app for iphone/ipod/android. :) It's in Chinese so I tried my best to translate and show the features of the program. Not as comprehensive as the desktop version but I like using it before uploading photos to Instagram. hehe. :D

Meitu XiuXiu app main screen

There will be two parts to this tutorial (so be prepared for a long-ish post after the jump)

Aug 28, 2011

Pretty pretty nails! ♥

Celine and I got acrylic nails at Amy's place! :D

I think Amy did an AMAZING job! It the first time getting acrylic nails for both me and Celine so we were very intrigued by the whole process. haha. I've only tried gel nails and it was done by two nail art I wasn't too happy with the result then and never wanted to get nail extensions anymore. But now I'm in love with acrylics and will definitely go back to Amy for more. :D :D :D

Verdict: The nails feel very natural, are freaking smooth, shiny and of course very pretty. :) And for once I don't have to be worried about "destroying" my nails after a manicure...I'm clumsy after all. haha. I LOVE MY NAILS! ♥

If you're interested in getting acrylic or gel nails do email me for Amy's contact (my email is on the right side bar of my blog). :) She does it as a side business/hobby so you'll just have to call and make an appointment or to find out more about the pricing etc. She's based in KL and Selangor. She can do french tips, wedding nails, or you can just show her a design you want.


(in case you're wondering...the photos were edited with meitu xiuxiu)

Aug 22, 2011

Teman tidur <3

She chases bad dreams away in exchange for cuddles. :)

Aug 18, 2011

Oh Happy Days :)

Thanks for always putting a smile huge grin on my face :D

Can't wait to meet up with the rest of the gang for some nomtastic Korean BBQ this Sat. :D

♥ Di

Jul 26, 2011

HP Hit Print Roadshow @ MMU Cyberjaya

So the HP Hit Print Roadshow dropped by MMU Cyberjaya today and I popped by to check it out. :)

The roadshow was held at the right time as there was a cultural festival going on...Central was very happening today. :)

Just before the lunch crowd came bustling in.

HP's line up of new printers.

Participants trying to win the chance to buy a HP printer for RM1

The Game is really simple. The first person to get the message and their name emailed to the printer to be printed out wins!

It's times like this that I wish I had a smartphone that can send emails. :(

Just one of the many winners that day. Congrats on buying a HP printer worth RM389 for only RM1!!!

If you wanna check out when the HP Hit Print roadshow is coming to your University/ College, do join the HP Facebook page for updates:

If you missed the roadshow, worry not! You can still stand a chance to win great HP Products & other great prizes such as an iPad2, Motorola Defy & more by joining the HP "Be Original" photo contest on HP's Facebook page.

Click HERE for more information on the contest and to JOIN or VOTE! :)



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