Dec 31, 2010

Bye bye 2010, Hello 2011♥

It's hard to write about everything that happened in 2010...because too much happened. haha. Looking back I can see how God has always been there for me and that his plans are always good and perfect.

So here's some wishes for 2011...

That it be filled with crazy fun visits to Penang again (I have Scott, Ross and Kriss to thank for the many fun times we've had in Penang...let's just not get me drunk again on Long Island Towers ok? hahaha.)

And that they'd come visit KL and paint the town red again. woot woot. Like a G6 baybeh!

I hope 2011 will be filled with even more fun times with the bestest best friends I could ever wish for...

We need another trip in 2011 babe! ♥

Must meet up before Renee leaves us k? Miss you girls! ♥


Hooray gang berhooray soon k? :)

Here's to more graduates CG meet up + birthday celebrations in 2011♥ :D

Sorry I've been unable to meet up with you guys lately. bahhh. Karaoke soon k? :)

See you all in dance class soon! ♥

Let's make sure we have even more fun in 2011. :)

Let's do this again in 2011. hehe ;)

More reunions in 2011 please! :D

Ex-MI peeps. ♥ Let's not wait till another friend's wedding for a reunion k? haha.

Ascilite 2011... shall we? hahaha. :D

Of course in 2011, my wish is to be able to spend even more time with my family and have tons and tons of things to celebrate. :)

So what's my new year's resolution?

To save up as much as I can and go travelling. hehe.

Owh and to do well as a Research complete my Masters and get more papers published.


Here's wishing everyone a very very very blessed 2011. May this new year bring you all lots of happiness,  prosperity and may God bless you and your family. ♥

~*Happy 2011*~

Hugs n Kisses,

Dec 21, 2010

Sydney Part 1

My paper got accepted into Ascilite 2010 (an edu tech conference) and since it was held in Sydney, Joyce (my co-author) and I saved up and went to Australia to attend the conference as well as enjoy a short holiday there. hehehe.

Since it was all so last minute, we couldn't get good return tickets and had to settle for AirAsia. Our tickets cost us RM1700 per person which is pretty expensive for AirAsia because during promos you can get tickets for RM500. So because we were paying so much, we decided to extend our stay and visit Melbourne before coming home to KL. :D

*warning* lots and lots of bandwidth-killing photos. :3


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