Nov 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Celebrated Halloween at Zouk's Funhouse Horror!
Halloween parties are super fun when everyone dresses up. :D
(L-R: Raymond, me, Shyyi, Stella, Hong Yi)

With Shyyi who dressed up as a Japanese Schoolgirl/ sailor girl. lol.

With Stella the Policewoman and Michelle who came as Cleopatra. :)

If you can't tell yet, I went as (not so)Little Red Riding Hood. haha.
We all rented our costumes from Costume World. Not cheap but saves us the hassle of finding and buying a costume.
My costume costs me RM60. (red hood + satin skirt + white top + belt) Deposit was RM120.
I dug up an old basket I used for a ballet exam last time and grab some of my mom's fake flowers. haha.
Michelle's one costs the same...but I think hers is more worth it...So elaborate and nice!

"hmm... I'm pretty sure grandma's house was this way...right?"

With Shyyi. :)

Us! :D

Shyyi's friend.

Zlwin! Couldn't tell who it was until he took out his signature forks. haha.
Thanks for the tickets and helping us get in that night Zlwin. :)

Hong Yi the super cute sailor. :D

Jason came as Neo! :D 

Gotta applaud these girls for coming as characters from avatar. *two thumbs up* 

The drunken pirate. :) 

Zouk staff were giving out trick or treat candies! yum! :)

Two sailor boys and a pirate. haha. Hao Seng and Hong Yi were like twins that night. :D

 Twas a fun fun night, we should do this again next year. ;)

And now, the hunt begins...teehee.

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. LOL! You would've made a dashing big bad wolf dear. XD

  2. haha <3 hopefully we could go halloweening together one day. We could do an Alice in Wonderland theme!

  3. I'll be the Mad Hatter, you can be Alice! :P

  4. Exactly what I thought, though I was hoping to be the Red Queen.

  5. Wooo... Your last photo "Movie Postal" feel!!

    some more the hair in left side like a "scar" or "haemolacria"

    seem wanna kill all the guys in the world.

    Don't kill me... madness hunter >_<

  6. @Em: Then I'll be the Chesire Cat. :3

    @Anon: hahaha. XD Credits to my friend Shyyi for taking that picture. hehehe. :D

  7. aaahhh cannot find a costume for me T_T i was thinking of dexter !!! need to find a scientist robe.. but dont think can get anything my size T_T


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