Nov 6, 2010

Crystal ♥

Crystal is an extra small sized Pom my mom's friend (Uncle Brandon Pong) owns. He runs a pet shop in Cheras (BPSW Kennel FB page) and Crystal is just one of the many dogs he owns. My mom works part time there and now takes care of Crystal. :) Trying to fatten her up nicely with a proper diet and lots of vitamins. She has some skin problems on her back and on her tail so my mom cleans and applies medication to that area daily.

You can see very clearly in the above video how happy she is whenever my mom greets her.
She's really lovable. I'm starting to have a soft spot for Pomeranians. hehe.

The video below is my first time meeting Crystal (was attempting to see if she would dance for me too. haha.)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. The Username has been removed from GoogleNovember 7, 2010 at 12:03 PM


    Your voice is not charm enough as your mom.
    She is lazy to dance for you...

  2. LOL. Haih. Yalor. I should go over and play with her more often. XD

  3. hahahaha..the contrast is amazing... she looks so hesitant when you call her. XD i'm sure she'll warm up to you in time.

  4. Emo dy. wuwuwuwu. T^T

    haha, but yeah, it goes to show that daily care = good bonding between owner and pet. :)

    When you come back I'll bring you to the pet shop to meet Crystal. :D

  5. lulululu~ *manjas you*

    hehehe. can't wait! there's so many cute puppies there.. @_@


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