Nov 29, 2010

Creative Grooming...?

It all started with this picture...of a POODLE, groomed as a horse.
Which kinda left me speechless for a while (edit: Because I honestly thought it was a pony.).

Photograph: Ren Netherland/Barcroft Media

So I google-d around and to my, er, surprise...found more.

The above poodle reminded me of a pokemon. =_="

Pet dragon anyone? XD
The following pictures are from:
Photographed by Ren Netherland.

Capt. Jack Sparrow!
FUH! Multi-coloured Chinese style dragon!

The following are from:

Lion & zebra (so cute!)
My Little (poodle) Pony
And this one is pretty cool, haha:

I don't really know how to react to this "Creative Grooming". Some people say it's all in the name of art, some people find it cruel. All I know is, I'd prolly never subject my poodle (if I ever get one) to something like this. :P

Hugs n Kisses,

NOTE: I've closed comments for this post as I don't want any flame wars on my blog. I apologize if this post offends anyone but there really shouldn't be a need to say mean things about this industry or should the comments cause anyone to feel the need to be defensive about creative grooming. This was just merely a post about my amusement in finding these images online. And so I compiled these photos. That is all. :) If you want to know more, read up/Google it. According to some comments, the dogs are well treated, the products are safe, non-toxic and harmless, this is done for contests and only lasts a few hours.


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