Nov 29, 2010

Creative Grooming...?

It all started with this picture...of a POODLE, groomed as a horse.
Which kinda left me speechless for a while (edit: Because I honestly thought it was a pony.).

Photograph: Ren Netherland/Barcroft Media

So I google-d around and to my, er, surprise...found more.

The above poodle reminded me of a pokemon. =_="

Pet dragon anyone? XD
The following pictures are from:
Photographed by Ren Netherland.

Capt. Jack Sparrow!
FUH! Multi-coloured Chinese style dragon!

The following are from:

Lion & zebra (so cute!)
My Little (poodle) Pony
And this one is pretty cool, haha:

I don't really know how to react to this "Creative Grooming". Some people say it's all in the name of art, some people find it cruel. All I know is, I'd prolly never subject my poodle (if I ever get one) to something like this. :P

Hugs n Kisses,

NOTE: I've closed comments for this post as I don't want any flame wars on my blog. I apologize if this post offends anyone but there really shouldn't be a need to say mean things about this industry or should the comments cause anyone to feel the need to be defensive about creative grooming. This was just merely a post about my amusement in finding these images online. And so I compiled these photos. That is all. :) If you want to know more, read up/Google it. According to some comments, the dogs are well treated, the products are safe, non-toxic and harmless, this is done for contests and only lasts a few hours.

Nov 23, 2010

Ginger Photospam ♥

Hugs n Kisses,

Santa Claws is in town!

If you recall, a few months back I had the privilege of joining Renee and Sandra for a food review sesh at Manhattan Fish Market. → "Manhattan Lunch Rush Hour"

Well, the good people at MFM invited us back again...this time to sample their Christmas menu!

Every time I go for a food review I make sure I wear large loose clothes. To cover up my tum tum. haha.

I say 'sample' but it was more like stuff-ourselves-silly thanks to the generous portions served during the review. By the end of the review we were, as Sandra puts it, "full of crabs". Syok! ♥

Was almost late...again...thanks to the heavy downpour and massive KL after working hours traffic jam. Good thing I had my brother be my driver that day. ehehehe.

This time round it was only me and other media peeps/ bloggers. Renee had a doctor's appointment that evening and couldn't make it. :C And this time we were at the BRAND SPANKING NEW outlet in Pavilion KL. :D

Lea from (if not mistaken) the marketing team for MFM was our host that evening. Her colleague Siow May hosted the table next to ours. It's nice that they took the time and effort to make us feel welcomed...the review sesh felt more like a get-together dinner with friends as we were chit-chatting, joking, laughing and sharing stories over a scrumptious dinner. :)

Once we sat down, I ordered a Tropical Breeze drink that was delightfully thirst quenching. :)

Poor Sandra was still suffering from bouts of cough and ordered a cuppa hot Earl Grey Tea. The lemon slices are add ons, I never knew we could ask for that. haha.

"All the way from London! haha. ;)" - Lea Johnny
With introductions and other formalities done, it was on to what we starved ourselves the whole day for... makan time! :D

ehehehe... hiding my greedy face. :3
A little introduction to the new Christmas specials, this (as was the last special menu) is the brainchild of the genius food connoisseur Mr. David Lee (Operations Manager for MFM).

Click to enlarge!
According to David, they spent months researching the new menu, preparing everything they needed, getting the best Alaskan Snow Crabs they could import and taste testing to make sure everything is perfect.
Apparently, in Singapore, the couldn't find Alaskan Snow Crabs so they're using King Crabs.

And in Malaysia, the promotion is called "Santa Claws' Christmas" but in Singapore it's "Santa Full of Crab" (hahaha.) Unfortunately the Malaysian marketing team felt that "Santa Full of Crab" wasn't suitable for Malaysians. :C

Thanks Em for the Santa Claws illustration! ♥

So anyway, "Santa Claws' Christmas" at Manhattan Fish Market features a menu full of crabs. Alaskan Snow Crabs. Crabtastic Crabbylicious Alaskan Snow Crabs. Need I say more? haha. 

Throughout the whole of November and December, you will be able to enjoy this festive menu featuring Alaskan Snow Crabs sleighed in from the Arctic Waters of the North Pole. This nomtastic festive feast starts from the 8th of November 2010 till the 2nd of January 2011, so don't miss out!!!

I'm always amazed at what David comes up with when he's in the kitchen. It takes someone with a great passion and love for food to be able to create truly gastronomic experiences with each dish he whips up. :)

"It's a Santa Claws' Christmas at the Manhattan Fish Market!"

Christmas Crab Bisque

This creamy but not too creamy crab soup contains a mix of vegetable stock and crab. I briefly heard David say the soup has tomatoes, oregano, garlic and crab meat. Well, I'm not 100% sure what's in it but I must say it's an extremely delicious blend! ♥ As MFM puts it, "the best of the ocean and the kitchen in one bowl".

Generous amount of crab meat and croutons
The soup is very flavorful and on first sip the spices and the fresh oregano hit you instantly. I'd say the spiciness is pretty mild, just enough to warm the palate but not too empowering that it takes away the taste of the crab soup. The (big) chunks of crab meat are soft, chewy and very very very fresh. I personally love croutons with soup as it adds texture and a twist of flavor to the soup.

I must admit that I usually never finish my soups, because I'd be too full to enjoy my main meal. However, this time round, I almost literally licked the bowl clean. Even my brother Daryl, who joined us later, said the soup was frickin' awesome. :D The best part? The crab soup isn't overly creamy and heavy so it was a perfect semi-light appetizer. Two crabby claws up for that! :D

Crabs Salad-bratin'

There's always something for salad lovers at Manhattan Fish Market. :) This salad has a big serving of crab meat tossed in Coleslaw with Raisins, topped with crisp purple cabbage, corn and coriander.

The salad tastes pretty interesting because of the distinct taste of the purple cabbage, Coleslaw and added sweetness from the crab meat, corn and raisins. Plus, the lemon juice gives it a little zing! Truly a cornucopia of tastes in a salad bowl! haha. :)

Jingle Crab Olio

That was my first reaction. lol.
Reason being during that time, poor David was handling 3 stoves at one time and let's just say things got a little hot in the kitchen. haha. So our Olio ended up being a bit too spicy and dry. Lea sent the plate back into the kitchen and David whipped up another batch that was less spicy.

And second time round, it was PERFECT. :) Just the right amount of spiciness and was a lot more moist.

Daryl joined us later so David specially made a plate of Jingle Crab Olio for him to try... that was a little bit spicier (than mine). Daryl loved it and tapau-ed it back home. My mom tried it and finished it for supper. haha. It was that good. ;)

So a good tip to remember when ordering this, do let the kitchen know how spicy you'd like it to be. ;)

♪Santa Claws♫

Finally! We couldn't wait to dig in but we were kinda lost cos no one knew the proper way to crack and eat Alaskan Snow Crabs.

So David showed us how:

By the end of the evening we were experts. *muka bangga*

Look at the size of those claws!!!
Btw, if you look at the photo properly, you can see I was seating next to Sidney Kan boss of Big Boys Oven... and I had no clue. OMGGIWANTODIE. I should have gotten his autograph or a picture. Arghhhh. He came together with Sunny Yaw (also the boss of Big Boys Oven. OMG. Creative genius ok?!) and his nephew (who was extremely adorable). Mannnn... I was seating with baking gurus and didn't get their autographs. darn it. :C These guys create the most amazing cakes and desserts everrrrr. Check their website and you'll know what I mean. *star struck*

*cough* okay back to crabs *cough*

"Hello sexayyy!"





The fresh Alaskan Snow Crabs are simply blanched and served with melted butter for dipping and a side of Corn on the Cob and Mashed Potato.

David says dipping Snow Crabs into melted butter was something he learned while staying in the US.

I must say, the taste of melted butter dripping off soft sweet crab orgasmic. ♥

damn best yo!
*Tip*: Don't dunk the whole piece of crab meat into the melted butter as the taste of the butter can be a tad empowering for some. Dip bit by bit to gauge and see what amount of melted butter suits you best. ;)

Santa Claws Sharing Platter
(RM85.90 -Available in Dec!)

Just when we thought "Santa Claws" was the last item to try, David surprises us by bringing out the Santa Claws Sharing Platter. This will only be out in December so we were one of the first few lucky ones who got to sample it. :D

burn baybeh burnnn~
Manhattan Fish Market's signature platter made better. :D

The Santa Claws Sharing Platter comes with Alaskan Snow Crab legs, fried oysters, fried Calamari and MFM's signature Manhattan Flaming Prawns. All these served with a side of broccoli, carrots and corn over a bed of Garlic Herb Rice.

The platter is really worth it as it also come with 2 Soups of the Day and 2 Season's Ice Lemon Tea. Awesome! :D

Daryl joined us around this time, I didn't ask him to join us earlier because I wasn't sure if it was okay for him to tag along. But the people at MFM were very welcoming and David even went back into the kitchen to get Daryl a bowl of Christmas Crab Bisque and a plate of Jingle Crab Olio. :D

The aftermath. My plate alone. muahaha.

Crab-mas Creamy Pasta
(RM27.90 -Available in Dec!)

The Crab-mas Creamy Pasta is spaghetti tossed in rich cream sauce with crab meat and spinach. This one is a set meal as it comes with a Soup of the Day and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea. As with the sharing platter, the Crab-mas Creamy Pasta is only available in December. :)

Taste-wise it's quite similar to the Jingle Crab Olio, so it's more of a preference thingy. Whether you prefer your pasta with cream sauce or with olive oil. :) Portion-wise the pasta is just right for one person.

*Santa Claws' Christmas Promo Menu*

Overall, my top picks from this Christmas promo would be:
#1: Christmas Crab Bisque ♥
#2: Santa Claws or Santa Claws Sharing Platter (if it's a big group)
#3: Jingle Crab Olio

The festive menu only lasts till the 2nd of January so don't miss out on the Alaskan Snow Crabs at Manhattan Fish Market!!! :D :D :D

Thanks Em! ♥

My mom and I are already planning to go back soon. Mom wants to try the Christmas Crab Bisque and the Santa Claws. hehe. I just want more soup. haha. :3

Hugs n Kisses,


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