Oct 22, 2010

Must have cute!

cute kawaii stuff - Little Red Riding Hood Teapot

Little Red Riding Hood teapot + teacup! The head is the cup, the body is the pot. and the basket is for the tea bag. So cute! :D

cute kawaii stuff - Sparrow Keyring and Holder
Super pretty key holder. :D

cute kawaii stuff - Kids' Fox Coat
Fox coat for kids! *adorbz*

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Condiment Gun
This...I'd prolly use to shot ketchup at my brother. heh heh. :D

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Bunny Vase

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Kitten Picnic Purse
Kitties! Nuff said. :D

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Salt and Pepper Ninjas
Salt and Pepper ninjas! How cool is that!? :D

cute kawaii stuff - cat necklace
Cats like these always remind me of Emerson. hehe. :)

cute kawaii stuff - cute paw measuring spoons

cute kawaii stuff -- elephant measuring cups
Elephant measuring cups! too cute!

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Kitty Door Stopper
I wonder if they sell this in Malaysia...hmm...

cute kawaii stuff - ninja cookies
Seeing this made me miss baking. :C I wonder when I'll be able to afford a new oven. :C

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Cat shaped lipstick
ZOMGGGGGG!!!! I wantttttttt!!!! :D :D :D

Cute Kawaii Stuff -- Emoticon Stamp
Emoticon stamping! \(^_^)/

cute kawaii stuff - cat measuring cups
I'm a sucker for anything that has kitties. :p

Cute Kawaii Stuff - Cute Kawaii Pajamas
Can't go wrong with milk and cookies! :D

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. heidi~~ the black cat that you asked do they sell in malaysia...Yes!!~~ i had that cat~~it is actually a coint box.. if you want it let me know. i find out the shop name for u :D

  2. ops.. sorry i dint see properly, the one in your photo is for door one... my one is exactly the same cat.. but is coin box.. they have white color too! :D

  3. Hi Yisin!! :D

    Aiyak, it's a coin box? :C The door stop is cute cos my cats will surely try to play with it. haha.

    Nvm, let me know which shop you bought your coin box. :D Maybe I'll fill it with coins and use as a door stopper. hahahaha. XD

  4. Hahaha. When i saw the cat keychain i was like "OMG DERPY CAAATT!! " <3

    the bunny thing is really cute too, though i'm not usre if it's a minivase or a salt shaker. and lol. "cut out for action" I love puns...

    and are those cat lipsticks?? @_@ wouldn't it be a little "hati sakit" to smudge their faces..

  5. @Em: hahaha. so you lah! XD I know!!! I'd totally buy and never use it. I'll just "twist twist twist" *kitty pops up* "awwwwwww" *make funny baby talk for a while* *twist back and close* <3

  6. hahahaha.. i can already imagine you doing that babytalk thing to the lipstick. XD miss your babytalks boo <3


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