Sep 29, 2010

Xpax BBM

If you have a BB, then you would already be addicted to the wonders of BBM.

If you don't, let me tell you about it. :D

BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM) is an instant messaging app used on BlackBerry® smartphones. It has a chat style layout and unlimited characters making BBM easy to share with all your friends and family.

         {Some of the features of BBM}

        •Safe & sound 
             Enjoy chatting in a totally safe & secure environment.
        •Share it all
             Share photos, videos and more between families & friends.
        •Show off your music
             Let everyone see what music you’re playing on your Blackberry.
        •Know it’s delivered
             Get real-time notifications for your delivered & read messages.
             Chat and get instant replies with its speediness.
        •Scan me, PIN me!
             Scan barcodes & share PINs to easily add contacts.
        •Be the ultimate chatter
             Chat with up to 300 of your friends & family at once.
        •Express yourself
             Update your status and choose your BBM display photo.

Allow me to illustrate, this is what it would be like if I had BBM and could talk to my other half who is halfway across the world:
I can be as random as I want to be. :D :D :D

However, this is my reality:
Super kiamsiap, must squeeze everything into one sms because one international sms costs me RM0.50. MMS lagi die, RM1.50 per MMS. LDR is expensive stuff. :C

For that price (RM0.50) I can talk to Em and other friends on BBM for the WHOLE DAY. And send files and photos etc etc! What am I rambling about? Xpax BBM!

 Xpax BBM allows you to BBM for only 50sen (RM0.50) a day. Chat to your friends and family, share files and photos and keep in touch with your friends and family. See what I mean? Same price as ONE international sms. T_T

If you already have a Blackberry and want to subscribe to Xpax BBM,
Type BBON and send to 28882

For more details (remember to read the fair usage policy!) check out:

* * *
Something else that's pretty awesome:


Xpax now has its very own BBM FB app (XBERRY) for its users. With the app, users can:
  • Connect and communicate with one another
  • Stay informed and be ahead of promotions/upcoming events/new stuff related to BBM
  • Create new open topics to share and make even more new friends on BBM
  • Join in BBM related conversations, share opinions and tips on their phone / BBM.
Here's the juicy bit: There's also a contest going on now for you to stand a chance to WIN the latest Blackberry Curve 9300!!! 

How Now Brown Cow? Easy peasy...just follow these steps:
  1. Log on to  and click on the the “XBERRY” tab
  2. Add the Xpax BBM FB app to your profile
  3. Refer to the topic posted by Xpax, contribute your comment to the Chat Zone in the app
  4. Get your friends to vote for your comment (by clicking "Like") and the most liked comments will stand a chance to WIN the BB Curve 9300 3G!
Berry awesome, yes? ;)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. This post seems like a big but subtle hint for me to get a BB. lol.

    and it's working..hahaha XD

    If you're gonna get one I'll probably try and get one too if I get good pay at work. <3

    hurr durrrr~

  2. Urghh! Now I wan a BB too!
    So i can be random w ya!! *hugs*
    Long time no see i mz get BB to keep in touch w u di...

  3. @Em: Subtle? I thought I was dropping HUGE hints? hahahaha. :P We'll save up and get ours together k? :D

    @Rebecca: Hello dear! :D Ya wei, long time no see. :P hehe. Yalor! So much easier to keep in touch with a BB. XD take care babe! *hugs*

  4. i was just thinking about getting a BB too! perhaps next year bah .. save money first .. :(

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hahahaha. Yeah. I guess it is kind of obvious. XD.And yeah, we'll get ours together-gether. it'll probably be a good investment in the long run. <3

  7. @Jazlyn: We save together-gether! yay! :D

    @Em: Yup yup. Will wait till you start working first. hehehe. :D

  8. di!!!! please read my latest 2 blog posts. I AM SO F-U-R--I-O-U-S!!!

  9. Another very informative post. Thanks

  10. I like the post. Informative. Thanks


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