Sep 22, 2010

BB Curve 9300


When I first heard about Blackberry it was THE mobile device for executives/working ppl/OL/you get the drill. But in recent years it's become the IN thing with the youth/yuppies/social media junkies.

Not wanting to be left behind... I considered getting myself one especially since most of my friends have one. The power of peer pressure. Egads. (I blame Shalom, Euveng, Sel, Laura, Kaelynn, Renee, Sandra...just to name a few. haha.) What to do, you'll feel left out too when you go for yum cha sessions and everyone is BBM-ing. And I have ppl like Euveng who complain about how slow I reply emails...I dun have push email k? T_T

So first on my list was the BB Bold 9700.
Cos it looks sexy and comes in white. Yes I'm shallow that way. But the price tag was a total turn off, I'm a poor student on a JPA scholarship...all I can afford is economy rice once every few days (stop calling my bluff!).

On a serious note *cough*, it's true that the almost RM2k price tag, or RM1.5k-ish price with contract just couldn't fit into my budget. And my parents would give me hell for spending my savings on something like this. Trust me, telling them this will help me facebook/tweet/instant message/email friends better is NOT a good argument.

So, next cheaper alternative would be the BB Curve 8520.

Cute and budget-wise not so heart-attack inducing. Yay! But 3G?!?!? Even my current LG Lollipop has 3G! So yeah, plans to get one was placed on the back burner. sigh.

And then! Lo and behold, Celcom introduces the *Brand spanking NEW* BB Curve 9300!
*Be still my trembling heart*

What's so special about it? 3G yo! The BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G 9300 is the first 3G Curve handset and is a straight upgrade to the BlackBerry Curve 8520. Nuff' said! :D

Check out the impressive list of features:
Click for larger view!

Top Features
  • BBM™
  • 3G
  • Push technology
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Now with GPS and updated Wi-Fi®
  • Smartphone color options (optional: depending on carrier)

What’s new
  • 3G
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi®
  • All new look and feel (design)

Hmm...very naise! :3 Now what about the all important price?

Celcom's Exec Plans:

Celcom's Biz Plans:

Less than RM1k for the Curve 9300? Yao mou? Syok! :D

The Blackberry Curve 9300 is now available from Celcom at any Blue Cube outlet!

You know you want it! ;)

Too bad I spend a chunk of my savings on an overseas trip later this year. Have to attend a conference so there goes my savings. :C Time to save up again if I wanna get this BB. *sob sob*

Now the ultimate question...does it come in white? 

For more info, check out:

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Yao mou!!!

    RM888 for 9300
    But monthly commitment
    188 *12 =1416
    total up RM2304(Min) for a BB and one year mobile fee.

    *You can be the best sales man in your future.

  2. RM888 for 9300 is worthwhile! The commitment for every month is actually RM118 not RM188. I think it's kinda normal spend RM100+ in a month for a postpaid user :) well, overall, it is still better compared to iPhone 4 value plan! xD

  3. Hi KimmyQiu,

    Oh!! I typed wrongly, but still get the correct answer (1416) :D.

    WOW, spend RM100+ a month!!!
    That is really worth for you.

  4. LOL!!!

    Thanks Kim for helping to explain. haha. :)

    Yeah, she's right. I'm on a RM50 postpaid plan but every month I spend more than RM50 (average RM80-Rm90). Just calls and sms-es, not even including data usage! When I use data as well my phone bill goes up to RM150++. For my phone it's not worth it to get a data plan, but for BB you can instant chat (BBM) and send/receive emails on the go etc etc. So if you get a BB, you will definitely need a plan...otherwise it's not worth it. ;)


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