Aug 20, 2010

Tha's 23rd :)

Last Sat, the 14th of August was a very special friend's 23rd birthday. :)

Jacintha is my ex-roomie of 3 years and BFF since my foundation year in MMU...

We recently took up kite flying as a get together activity and since the first round wasn't very successful...we decided to plan a surprise birthday picnic+kite flying for Tha! Poor John was so stressed out from planning everything...but it turned out to be a great time spent with precious friends. :) I hope you enjoyed yourself Tha! ;)

I'll let the pictures do the talking. hehe. :)

Venue: Kepong Metropolitan Park

Amy and Tim who kept taking "wedding photos" while waiting for John and Tha to arrive. haha. Super duper cute couple. :)


Brought my polaroid camera along to take keepsakes for Tha.

(The white hat was the one we bought while in Malacca but I modified it and added organza flowers!)

With Amy :)

Lenard brought the adorable Hayley along! :D

When Tha and John finally came, we started setting up our kites. :D
They have a batman kite from Malacca.

Em and I had a goldfish kite that refused to we replaced it with this colourful kite from Wind Dancer. :)

The only other people who brought kites were Celine and Eugene...they have 4 kites!!! hahaha.

Nothing beats the feeling of watching your kite soar in the sky.

There were some pretty interesting kites that day...Doraemon, a penguin and even a shark. XD


Eugene and Celine...their kite had a monkey on it. :D

John and Tha flying batman. hehe. :)

Cake cutting time! :D

Blessed 23rd Birthday babe! 

My present to Tha. :)

photo by John

After the picnic, we headed to Ampang for some Korean BBQ!

You two will always have my support. ;)

photo by John
photo by John
Highlight of the evening:
Cili Yam Seng!

All the guys decided that the manly thing to do (or the best way to earn their manhood) was to eat one cili each after dinner. All the guys participated except John (the smarter one).

Their reactions were priceless.

At first the guys were like:
"Nahhh, we hyped it up lah...nothing also?"
"Ceh, can't feel anything also."

Which then turned into:
"Oh-uh, it's coming..."
"Crap, can feel it dy. Water!"

And so, I present to you...the boys who have earned their manhood:



Kenny C.

(the "Hero" who felt nothing. Siaoness.)

Methinks they'll wanna make this an annual event. lol.

The restaurant we went to was simply awesome. The food was scrumptious, and the owners were very friendly and accommodating...even allowing us to bring Hayley in with us. :) And after dinner they gave us some cake from another table celebrating a birthday and told us to help ourselves to free coffee from the coffee machine. :D *two thumbs up*

Jal-Dae-Ji Korean BBQ Restaurant
B-41, One Ampang Business Av,
Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2.
03-4251 1360

*I hope you enjoyed your birthday Tha, it's been such a blessing being your friend for almost 6 years and I'm thankful I still get to celebrate your birthdays with you. You're a very important person to me and I hope we have many many more years of celebrating birthdays/going on trips/hanging out together. Maybe even one day clustering around after dinner with our kids...and later clustering around in wheelchairs or with tongkats. ;) Love you lots babe!*

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Why my pic not post-processed wan? :{ I want mine to have those bubbles and sparkles like those in shoujo manga when the good looking guy appears. :D hehehehe <3 you.

    and Shark Kite for the win! Should've recorded a video of it trying to fly.

    and Dwong... >_> something's wrong with his tastebuds.

  2. Hmm...won't that look very gay? XD

    Yah...serious laugh out loud moment! Flip flopping shark kite. Darn farnee. XD

    Dwong's the man! >:D

  3. I was kidding about the sparklies... but you can try!

  4. he's not manly.. else he doesnt need to eat chilli to earn his manhood. :P

    Di: ya. onli those u have stated ya. not calling in.. callboys together ya. forbidden. :P

  5. Thank you so much babe. You're such a darling :)Now that you mentioned it, I didn't realized it has been almost 6 years.. that long meh?? I feel old now.. haha.. I remember being 21 and staying there.. :D

    On other note, I love your camera. The digital one I mean. Gilar nice the picture come out. The colour is like really rich. And Celine and Eugene's pic turn out really nice. The picture of you with your kite too... really artistic.. haha..

    Thanks for making my birthday special and for being the friend that I always wished for :D


  6. @John: LOL! XD hahahaha. Yes lahhh. XD

    @Tha: Awwwwww. *hugs* Yeah, 6 years dy...almost lah. haha. Since we were 18 mah. ;) If we start compiling all those photos of the birthdays we spent celebrating together...I'd feel REALLY old. hahaha. Owh and yup yup! It's a really good compact camera. :D I heard a new one with HD recording is coming out. Canon S95. (mine is S90) :D Can't wait till we spend time together again babe. <3 *hugs hugs hugs*

  7. lovely blog!!

    kite flying seems so wonderful :)

    reminds me of kite runner

  8. Hey Hotcakes! :)

    It is! :D I've heard of kite runner but never read the book or watched the movie. Now I'm thinking I should look into it soon. ;)

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  10. I am really Glad i discovered this web site.Added to my bookmark!


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