Aug 2, 2010

Lewré Couture!

Last Saturday, Em, Ivy, Dior and I attended the exclusive Lewré Couture New Collection Preview Party held at Chinoz, The Gardens. :)

Em's mom is good friends with Dato' Lewré. :)

The very beautiful invitation card. :)

We kinda thought the new collection would incorporate butterfly didn't. :C

Being sampat. hehe. The dress code was "Trendy Casual". :)

All the guests were entitled to a complimentary 3-pc customized  skincare sampling kit from Perricone MD. The beauty advisor for Perricone MD was kept busy throughout the event, we had to line up and wait our turn because she did consultation sessions will each guest before giving them some samples to try.

While waiting for our turn (and for refreshments to be served), we walked around the area to see the new collection by Lewré Couture that were on display.

This pair reminded me of the red and white queen from Return to Wonderland. :)

Lewré Couture heels are all very elegant and exude glamour.
I bet this would jazz up any LBD!

All that glitters is...Lewré Couture. XD

Simple yet dazzling and elegant. Lewré Couture uses only the best - Swarovski Crystals!

My most favourite design from the new collection. Absolutely fabulous. ♥

I'd probably feel like Cinderella if I ever had a pair of heels like these. :)

With Iverene, Em's younger sister.
Yes, younger (sweet 16!!) and taller than me (I'm on heels, she's on flats). T_T

We were served refreshments in the form of delectable finger food by Chinoz.

Jello (sourish jam jello) and Tiramisu for dessert.

With Em ♥

Dior always doesn't wanna take pictures. :C
(Thanks for the photos Ivy!)

nom nom nom :3

Kinda like this candid photo Ivy took. :)

With Dato' Lewré Lew himself!
Amazingly talented yet so bubbly and humble. It was such an honor to meet him. :)

The door gift came with a premium and a Thierry Muglar sample size perfume.

The premium that got all the ladies gushing. ;)

So so so luxurious and cute! ♥

My custom skincare sample from Perricone MD that also came with recipe cards to "eat your way to beauty".

Overall the event was an interesting experience (in a good way, hehe). We were surrounded by glamourous ladies, Datins and models. Even met two of Em's mom's good friends from Rotary Innerwheel. :)

Big thank you to Em's mom for inviting me to tag along. Thanks aunty Caylice! hehe. :)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Ah Em Chai cut hair liao wor..spikeh!

  2. Haha. So much better rite? <3

  3. haha. She says that cause she likes me better with short hair. I kinda agree with her though.


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