Jul 23, 2010

My Star Experience

A while back I blogged about the CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010 that is happening now and I've been waiting since then for the roadshow to come to MMU Cyberjaya. :D

Got to MMU around 10am and they were just getting the place ready. :)

Registered myself at the counter and decided to go for the "Young and Chic" look instead of the "Fresh and Natural" look. I almost never use eyeshadow, only eyeliner...so I wanted to change my look (and curi some makeup tips at the same time. hehe.).

My voucher! :)
Big thank you to MyC! and FeeqSays Network!

My "just woke up and didn't put make-up" face.

First stop of the Star Tour makeover...skin consultation! :)
I think I kinda scared Ms. Yosy (Clinique Expert) cos my skin chose this time to start breaking out in heat rashes. Sigh. :C She was of course very professional and friendly, giving me tips on skincare and what products I should use.

Based on the skin consultation, Ms. Yosy picked out these products for me:
- Liquid facial soap in a mild formula
- Clarifying Moisture Lotion
- Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

If you're familiar with CLINIQUE's skincare range, you'll know their famous 3-step skincare. Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize. And that's exactly what Ms. Yosy did for me. Cleanse my skin, taught me how to use a Toner and then applied a layer of moisturizer to prep the skin for make-up. I know CLINIQUE's range of skincare are allergy tested but after Ms. Yosy cleansed my skin, my cheeks were all tingly and burning. :C Maybe it's because I was already having heat rashes...or I should try the extra mild range.

Next stop: Makeup Station! :)
Because I had chosen the "Young and Chic" look, I got to choose what colour eyeshadow I wanted. We decided to go for plum since it would match my coloured contacts. hehe. :)

I actually had to Photoshop this photo a little cos my rashes were pretty scary.

Adding the finishing touches. Thank God for foundation and concealer. Bye bye yucky red blotches of rashes. And the makeover truck actually had stand fans and air-conditioners so it helped cool down my skin a lot. yay. :)

Done! My makeup artist did an amazing job! :D I really liked how she did my eyes...must learn how to recreate this look. And ta-dah, no need to Photoshop anything...no traces of rashes left. :)

With Crysane, the makeup expert. :)

Close up on my eye makeup (in sunlight).
Btw, I'm wearing Geo Lens in 3-tone Grey. My fave!

Next up: Hair styling time!
They gave me a choice between straight or curls, I went for straight since I know my hair won't curl well because of the length and layers.

My hair was done pretty nice and quick by the experts from Salon Esprit.

Finally: Photoshoot time! :D
Goofing around while waiting for the photographer to set up. :p

This looks kinda wrong...haha. But it's just the photographer giving me instructions on how to pose. He was really friendly and gave clear and direct instructions...tilt head to the left, smile, change position...It was my first time doing such a photoshoot and it was a fun experience. :)

"behind the scenes" XD

This pose eventually became my final "look". :D

With Hong Lun the photographer from New Look Studio.

While waiting for them to transfer the images to a laptop, I scribbled down the 3 words that describe my look. I originally put "Sultry, Sexy, Foxy" but in the gallery it came up as "Sultry, Sexy, Feminine"...I have no idea why. haha.

They took a total of 9 pictures which I then narrowed the choices down to the 3 best photos and finally I chose the best photo out of the 3 (with help from Emerson and the Clinique team. haha. I couldn't decide.).

My photo! :) Not too shabby for someone who isn't photogenic right? haha.

They printed out a copy for me to keep. :) I even bought the softcopies for RM20.

Last but not least: Collecting my gift bag.
They had a small "room" that showcased all of CLINIQUE's products including their skincare range and cosmetic range.

You can buy the products right there and then. Two products I'm seriously considering getting from the counter are the Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in No.3 and the Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Amaryllis.

They also had several promotional sets and best buy items available.

Here's what I got in the gift bag:
A CLINIQUE reusable eco bag
CLINIQUE 3-Step sample
CLINIQUE Turnaround Concentrate sample
CLINIQUE Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in 07 Bonfire
Salon Esprit RM50 voucher
Mini Cleo mag
The CD contains the softcopies of the 9 photos taken during the photoshoot that I bought for RM20.
And of course, the print out photo.

Overall, this was a very fun experience and I'm so glad I didn't miss it. :)

CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010 ends on the 2nd of August so be sure to check the Tour Details on where they will be going next. This is something you don't wanna miss. ;)

They update the Star Tour Gallery really fast! All the MMU Cyberjaya girls are in the Star Tour Gallery already. :D :D :D

Me! haha. See what I mean about the 3 words that describe my look? XD

Lotsa hugs and kisses for Em who was my driver that day and helped me take all these photos. Thank you so so so much baby! 

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. the photographer looks like he's cornering you :P

    *happy i commented in ur blog? :D*

  2. you really has a Star look..

    "Not too shabby for someone who isn't photogenic right?"
    Answer: No, ... you are photogenic :D

  3. Babe,

    I wanna see the rest of the picturessss.... :D

    And what do you mean you're not photogenic? If you're not, then I'm beyond words...LOL...

    And i guess probably they dun like you labeling their style as foxy.. or, probably they just don't understand what foxy means... hahahaha

    No guy make over? Emerson just get to watch the fun and not be in it... Oops.. that sounded wrong :p

    Anyway I'm missing you already. Wishing for more pillow talk session with you :(


  4. @Kenny: hahaha. awwwww...thank you!!! yes, happy happy joy joy. :D

    @Anonymous: Gosh, thanks! *blush* Ah, I don't think I'm very photogenic. I only look nicer from certain angles. :C

    @Tha: Hi darling! :) hahaha, cannnn...I malas post up here tho. :p

    EH! I think you're more photogenic than me loh. At least you look okay from all angles. I need to pose in one angle only. :C

    Hahaha, yeah, I was telling Em they prolly didn't like that word. :P

    They should rite? A makeover for guys...so many guys asked me already. hahaha.

    I miss you tooooo. Pillow talk sesh during the Melaka trip was so awesome. <3 *hugs*

  5. @Di- I felt like a model's personal photographer/assistant that day.lol <3

    @Tha- yes. it did sound wrong.. ish. John turning you naughty dy issit? :P
    I did wish there was a guy makeover sesh too :( I look terrible next to this so-called "Miss. I'm-unphotogenic-but-I-look-really-good-on-camera".

  6. love this babe!!! :) u are photogrenic la~ what nonsense u talking~ hahahaha!!

    eh got no more Advertlets outing ke? i need to blog...LOL... need bahan to blog about..

  7. @Em: Aww..baby you're so sweet. <3

    @Mia: Ehhhh...really lah! hahaha. XD At the moment nolah. I miss you lah babe. Bila mau meet up? :)


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