Jul 22, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market

Was invited by Renee darling to join her and a group of food bloggers for a special food review sesh at The Manhattan Fish Market in e@Curve.

We were invited to try out Manhattan's new Lunch Rush Hour menu (promotion now till 8th of August 2010) for dinner. haha. Sandra and I were a little late thanks to the crazy after office hours jam from Cheras to Damansara.

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by the organizers and treated to a soothing cool refreshing drink.

The Citrus Mint drink is a MUST TRY. Especially on a typical hot Malaysian day. Fresh (homegrown) mint blended with crushed ice and lemon juice. Just oh-so-heavenly. :)

It was a thirst quenching start to a scrumptious dinner that awaited us.

The peeps at Manhattan were crazy generous! Normally during food reviews, everyone has to share and would only get one or two bites of each dish. This time around, Manhattan made sure we all had more than enough food to fill our happy tummies. :)

Trust me, it was so much that Sandra and I even tapau-ed some back. Too good to waste! :D

The Flakin' Fun in the Garden is a healthy tuna salad that comes with homemade Honey Cajun Mustard (sweet) and Caesar's Chutney (sour) sauces.

While the salad is your usual healthy salad that consists of Romaine lettuce, onions, tomatoes, red cabbage and carrots, the one thing (make that TWO things) that make this salad tantalizing are the sauces. Equally delicious on their own or mixed together. Sandra and I also added the sauces to everything else we ate cos we loved it so much. :D

Honestly if one day Manhattan Fish Market decides to bottle and sell the two sauces, I'd be the first to order a few for myself. :)

The Flamin' Tuna Pie with a side of fresh tomatoes and sautéed fresh broccoli. Why am I emphasizing the freshness? Because those aren't frozen veggies.They are indeed super fresh, crunchy and juicy.

The torching process.

Perfection. :)

The Flamin' Tuna Pie has a healthy mix of sautéed veggie (in 7 colours) with chunky tuna, herbs, homemade mashed potatoes and topped with mozzarella cheese.

What makes this so delicious is very simply the fact that Manhattan Fish Market opt to go through the slower process of boiling and mashing potatoes (we found out a secret about how they do it fast but I'll consider it a trade secret and not reveal it here. hoho.) instead of using the easy way which would be using mashed potatoes powder.

The Wrap 'N Roll is one of the top takeaway lunch items often ordered by office workers. It is indeed very takeaway friendly and easy to eat on the go.

Imported tuna from the US mixed with fresh garden veggies like capsicum, onions, tomato, lettuce all  wrapped in tortilla and drizzled with the famous Manhattan Flaming Sauce.

The tuna is mixed with mayo at a 8 to 1 ratio. Meaning 8 parts tuna to 1 part mayo. So mayo is only used as a binding agent, which also means it's less fattening. Yay! :D

What I love about Manhattan's new concept is that all the items are really healthy. A real big plus point for ladies who are more health conscious and a welcome change for those who think Manhattan only serves oily fried food. :)

My most fav fav fav item from the Lunch Rush Hour menu! :)

Shrimp My Pasta is a spicy Spaghetti Aglio Olio. A delicious swirl of spaghetti with sautéed imported shrimps, chilli flakes and a touch of olive oil.

A light and healthy meal. :)

Ah, it wouldn't be Manhattan Fish Market without their signature platters. :)

Burn baybeh burnnn!

After we had our fill from the main dishes, we were served dessert! :D :D :D
Nothing like dessert to sweeten the experience. hehe. :3

Tuscan Tiramisu (RM9.90)! This isn't new, it's already on the main menu but I've never tried any of Manhattan Fish Market's desserts. I never knew I was missing out on some really amazing desserts!

Manhattan's version of Tiramisu is made with the best coffee and cream cheese available (says the menu). I have to agree wholeheartedly. Tiramisu isn't my favorite dessert but this...this I could really indulge in every once in a while. :)

Unbelievably soft and smooth cream cheese, fine coffee powder and the highest quality sponge cake soaked in espresso goodness in between each later of cream cheese. So very heavenly! I really loved this and would definitely go back for more. :)

Kinda unexpected too since, well, Manhattan Fish Market is more famous for their seafood platters...and you usually won't think of Manhattan when you think of Tiramisu. Time to change that mindset. ;)

The Manhattan Mud Pie (RM9.90) was also...just...the perfect comfort food. Rich chocolate, smooth ice-cream and just the right amount of nuts. I'd recommend this for sharing with friends...only because it's pretty rich so it'll be kinda fattening and heaty for one person to finish the whole mud pie. ;)

Renee was wondering why she could taste something berry-ish and I realized the taste was very very familiar. And then it hit me. Oreo's Blueberry Ice-cream flavored cookies. YES. I'm pretty sure because there was a hint of mint in the top layer of the mud pie.

And I remember very accurately that the Oreo's Blueberry Ice-cream cookies (the biscuit and not the cream) taste exactly the same since I was pretty surprised that the Oreo's biscuit tasted minty. So, I'm not sure this applies to all Manhattan's Mud Pies but this one was definitely made with crushed Oreo's Blueberry Ice-cream biscuits. Yummy. :3

Renee, me and Sandra with the man behind this revolutionary new concept of healthier Manhattan Fish Market food, Mr. David Lee. He's the Operations Manager for Manhattan Fish Market and from our brief discussions that day, I can conclude that he is a man with a passion for good food and genuinely takes his customer's opinions into considerations. It was an honor to have met him. :)

Here's the Lunch Rush Hour menu with prices and sets available.
Click on the image for a clearer view.

Thanks again Renee for inviting me and Sandra for the ride.
Thank you Manhattan Fish Market for the awesome awesome awesome food.
Thank you Anne and team from GO Communications for a great food review session and for making us feel so welcome.

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Wow .. I would probably go for the wrap n roll thing. Looks easy and yummy healthy!

  2. Wow! Tuscan Tiramisu!!
    The combination of 2 thing that I like the most.
    I wanna try it @_@

  3. @Jazlyn: Yup yup! My fav of the lot. :D :D :D

    @EVo: hehehe. :3

    @Soft-yourself: Owh! Go try! :D It's really really good. :3 Btw, thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. I wanna try the desserts. lol.

  5. Heidi thanks for such a wonderful write up. Will invite you back for some Cheeky Promo during Dec and Also Jan.
    it will sound something like
    " Santa Full of Crab "
    you will get to check out Alaskan Snow Crab if all things work out.
    Chinese New Year also will be pretty interesting.

    David Lee

  6. Hi David! :D

    Thank you for dropping by, I'm honored. hehe. :) Thank you for being such a great host that evening.

    Wow, thank you in advance! "Santa Full of Crab"? hahahaha. Loving it already. <3

    Looking forward to more yummilicious meals at Manhattan Fish Market. :D :D :D


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