Jun 13, 2010

Toy Story 3

Was invited to attend the media screening of Toy Story 3 in Midvalley Megamall last Friday. Syok!

* * * The Event * * *

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) have been invited by Walt Disney Studios to be the Main Presenter for on ground activities in Malaysia related to the release of Toy Story 3.

The ever bubbly and energetic Azura was the host of the event.

She gave out exclusive Toy Story 3 merchandise during a QnA session and got all of us shouting Buzz Lightyear's famous catchphrase: "To infinity, and beyond!" :D

Meet and Greet session with Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

Buzz and Woody were specially flown in all the way from Hong Kong Disneyland!

Don't worry, you get to meet them too! Buzz and Woody will make 5 special daily appearances to meet and greet the fans for photo opportunities at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 7.30pm.

CEO of Disney Malaysia and TM's Consumer EVP Jeremy Kung.

Leonard and us girls who scrambled up for a photo op. (Photo credit: Justin)

Advertlets gang. (Photo credit: Jason)

With Dila and her friend Kim.

With Justin and Wai Yan. Tickets and free popcorn+drink coupons!

With Angelina, Yasmine and guy stretching in the back. LOL.

Azura!!! :D :D :D Grew up watching her on Disney Buzz! :)

There's tons going on in Midvalley from the 9th to the 20th of June, in conjunction with the school holidays and the opening of Toy Story 3.

Meet and Greet sessions, The Woody Cowboy Dance Contest, My Favourite Toy -Reflex game, Puzzle game, Football Carnival for the boys, ‘Get Glamorous’ makeover for the girls, toys galore, movie vouchers giveaway and so much more!

It feels like Midvalley has been turned into a huge playground for kids and adults alike!

Thanks to TM, you can even stand a chance to win a holiday package for four to Hong Kong Disneyland!
OMG I want!

Head on down to Midvalley for more information or click here to view a pdf file of the school holiday promotions.

* * * Toy Story 3 - Behind the Scenes* * *

I'm sure everyone has been anticipating the opening of Toy Story 3 since the teasers were first shown in the cinemas. Especially the one of Rex and how everyone was in 3D but him. haha.

Emerson and I have been waiting and waiting to watch Toy Story 3 (Ampun maaf dear, I watched it first...but we'll go watch it together when it opens k? :D). Emerson even bought a copy of "The Art of Toy Story 3" and brought it back from the US for me to read. It's become a custom for us to buy artbooks of our favourite animations. :) Probably because I come from a multimedia design background and he is majoring in illustration. :D

Of all the artbooks Em has collected, I think the Toy Story 3 artbook is the most comprehensive.

From character designs to colour scripts, the book is packed with eye candy (for art lovers).

Dice Tsutsumi, the art director of Toy Story 3 is Emerson's idol. haha. He met Dice once in San Fran and was totally star-struck! After browsing through the artbook I can see why.

Dice Tsutsumi is a creative genius. Seriously.

Btw, I'm not advertising the book or anything k? Em bought his copy online in the US.
I really recommend this artbook for art lovers and those who love Toy Story (1, 2 and 3!). Every page is breathtaking. You can check it out at Borders MV... Basheer Graphics brought in the book already. :)

Peas, my fav new characters in Toy Story 3, illustrated by Daniela Strijeva.
They don't appear much, sadly, but when they do they are so freakin' adorable! 
(I hope they have plushies of these guys soon.)

The press kit we received came with a CD filled with behind the scenes photos, concept art and so much more. Happy happy joy joy! I'll post some here and share them with you. ;)

These are progression stills to show you how a scene is created from the start to the end. This will give you a rough idea as to how much work and effort is put into the creation of Toy Story 3.

This storyboard was drawn by Toy Story 3 story artist Jeff Pidgeon and is one of approximately 500 drawings done by various story artists in the final storyreel of Sequence # 300 - Warm Welcome, where the toys are welcomed by Lotso and tour the Butterfly room at Sunnyside Daycare.

This concept art piece was done by Toy Story 3 Art Director Dice Tsutsumi (omg right?!), showcasing the exploration of color and design of new characters and new environments.

This frame shows the camera and staging phase which precedes character animation, known as Layout. The set is not fully built at this point and is finalized once layout is finished. Some background toys are still not present. Set dressing is also not final and will be refined once animation is completed.

Final character animation poses. The primary and secondary characters are animated by keyframe. Hundreds of background toys are populating Sunnyside Daycare.

Final animation of the characters' clothes, which is animated by dynamic simulation.  In this shot, Barbie and Ken clothes are simulated.  This final frame shows the final shading (material textures) for the set and all of the surfaces have texture, color, patterns, and material properties that will respond appropriately when lit by the Lighting Department.

Amazing right? When we watch the movie, we seldom realize how much work is done in pre-production, production and post-production.

Sketches of Andy's age progression.
In the artbook there are age progression photos of the real boy Andy is modeled after.

Another amazing piece by Dice Tsutsumi - "Andy's World"

They even create a few prototypes of the characters!
I wonder if the plushies smell of strawberries too. hehe.

Tim Allen
Voice of Buzz Lightyear

Tom Hanks
Voice of Woody

* * * Toy Story 3 - The Movie * * *

Toy Story 3 is an American computer-animated 3-D film and IMAX 3-D film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Toy Story 3 is directed by Lee Unkrich (the co-director of Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and WALL-E), Pixar veteran Darla K. Anderson ("Cars," "Monsters, Inc.") produces, while Michael Arndt, Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of "Little Miss Sunshine," brings his unique talents and comedic sensibilities.

The toys are back in town. To bring you down to the memory lane, Toy Story represented a major milestone in animated moviemaking, the very first Toy Story debut 15 years ago (1995), and Toy Story 2 released 11 years ago! In the new Toy Story 3, we have Woody, Buzz and the whole gang back to the big screen as Andy is heading off to college. The toys are worried about their future. Andy plans to put the toys in the attic, but his mom accidently throws them away. They end up being donated to Sunnyside Daycare where they meet new faces such as Lotso, a pink-strawberry scented teddy bear and a smooth-talking doll named Ken. The toys are making new friends in the daycare. But soon they realized Lotso has turned the daycare into a toy prison. Now together the toys must get back to Andy's house before he leaves for college.

My Review (No spoilers, I promise!):
If you've watched Toy Story 1 and 2, then you should know by now that in Toy Story, the plot remains the same. Toys get taken out of Andy's house, Toys go through adventure and fight bad guys to get back to Andy's house. This part remains the same...everything else is on a whole new level.

A few minutes into the movie and the audience are already laughing out loud. Toy Story 3 is filled with unexpected surprises and twists that will leave you in stitches.

Though the plot remains the same, the storyline is very well crafted. Witty punchlines, appropriate use of flashbacks and 'kan cheong' moments that keep you on the edge of your seat.

The animation, needless to say, is top-notch. I watched it in 3D and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The meeting between Barbie and Ken is epic-lah. These two provide endless comic relief throughout the movie. :) I'd watch Toy Story 3 over and over again just to watch the chemistry between these two. hehe.

Most of the characters we know and love are back, some characters are (sadly) gone and a whole array of new characters are introduced.

Overall, Toy Story 3 is indeed a very enjoyable movie with the right amount of humour and scenes that will tug at your heartstrings. Here's a tip: Prepare tissue. You're going to need it towards the ending. ;)

I enjoyed the show so much I begin to wonder what it would be like to be part of their world. I figured if I could be a toy, I'd like to be one of those Dollfie type of dolls. And, thanks to the wonders of photoshop...this is what I would look like (hehe):

(Ps. I won't be held responsible for any nightmares you get because of this photo. haha.)

I think my photoshop skills have gotten rusty. :C I couldn't find any good tutorials to follow so I had to slowly figure out techniques of my own to create a dolly look.

Owh and there's a reason why I made it a lil Spanish-ish. You'll find out once you watch the movie. ;)

Toy Story 3 hits Malaysian cinemas on the 17th of June 2010.

Owh and be on time, you don't want to miss the short animation, directed by Teddy Newton, at the beginning of the movie!

When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first, and quickly get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other's unique qualities--and come to realize that each of them offers a different window onto the same world--the friendship helps both to gain a new perspective.

Thank you TM and Advertlets for the invite!

Hugs n Kisses,

*All movie stills, progression stills, concept art, behind the scenes photos belong to Disney/Pixar.


  1. hahaa....the toy look of u remind me of barbie...the eye is scary so big...and everything else small..haha..well it's cute

  2. My turn tomorrow! I'd shove all the kids out of the way to get to my tickets HAHAHA.

  3. omgosh Heidi haha, that picture of your doll-fied self is so creepy but pretty at the same time! hahaha!

  4. Dolfie Doll looks like you lar!
    LOL xD

  5. @Kenny: hahahaha. If I did a barbie style I think it would be scarier... XD Then again, dolls memang can be very creepy.

    @Joy: Woohoo! Go for it babe! :D

    @Dila: hahaha. My brother saw me photoshopping it and was freaked out. LOL.

    @Justin: LOL! Resemblance ada lah, in real life mana ada?! hahaha.

  6. Owmegad. The dollie pic.is.just.so.u!

    confirm nightmare for a week! LOL ok lah. actually quite cute! hehe.

  7. Whoa. For some reason the doll pic of u reminded me of some horror show got some doll with blood trickling down liddat. *shivers*
    jangan terasa k.. :P

  8. 17th june come fasteerrrrr~

    oh oh. I just realised from the screenshots that there were strategically placed heart stickers on the window door thing between barbie and ken. XD

    also, regarding the doll picture: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I think if I have the time I should photoshop you into a Ms. Potato Head. :P

  9. @EVo: hahahaha. *I'll be seeing you in your nightmares* muahahahahaha. :D

    @Sable: Hahahahahhahaa. Hmm, maybe I should have gone for the bride of Chucky style. haha. Don't worry, I'm quite freaked out by dolls too...especially those that people buy for collection and display. One of my friend has a room full of those kinda porcelain dolls. Had a sleepover at her place and the dolls really freaked me out. :P

    @Em: You're so gonna love Barbie and Ken's moments wei. haha. EHHH. Why a Ms. Potato head?!?! You're saying I'm fat isit?!?! >_<

  10. I got the art book of cloudy with a chance of a meatball!

  11. @Elyn: Is it nice? I haven't seen the artbook but I did watch the movie. :D

  12. you look like those jap toy! with big eyes! hahaha!

  13. @Sandra: hahaha. yup yup, was trying to give it an anime look. lol. XD Have fun in Melbourne, see you next week! *hugs* :D

  14. uh oh.. the fat question pop up again...nolah baby~ uh.. I mean.. ms. potato head.. cause.. cause... uh...


  15. hmmm, I do really like watching the two previous Toy Story. What really makes me excited is the quality of the 3D version. Well, so excited to Watch Toy Story 3. :D

  16. Hello Sinapat! :D

    Ooo, yes yes! The quality is top-notch! :D

  17. Have you thought about doing a tutorial over how to achieve a look like this? I'd love to learn!

  18. @mleandera: Hello! Wow, I actually didn't think about that. Haha. Maybe I'll write a tutorial when I have the time. :) Thanks! :D

  19. AAAWWWWWW your doll photo is damn cute! i wanna pinch

  20. @Hanie: hahaha. so cute lah you. XD


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