Jun 1, 2010

Gelatomio is ♥

Last saturday I met up with Euveng to discuss some top-secret-will-soon-be-revealed-so-wait-for-it project at Pavillion. He was there because Mei Ying had invited some blogger friends to check out the new Gelatomio outlet. So Euveng invited me along (after getting Mei Ying's OK) to join the rest for some ice-cream. I never say no to ice-cream. :D

I've heard of gelato (plural form: gelati), which is traditional Italian ice-cream, but not Gelatomio. So I basically went there with no expectations at all since I barely knew anything about Gelatomio (except for what Mei Ying mentioned in the email that morning)...but I did recognize the old logo (they have a new minimalistic style logo now). hehe.

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Massimo Minecci, the one responsible for bringing us Gelatomio. He came over to Malaysia from Italy 14 years ago and made Malaysia his home. After numerous futile attempts at finding a place that sells authentic gelato, he decided to make his own and started Gelatomio in 2004.

One of the most amazing thing we learnt that day, was that Gelatomio supplies gelati to approximately 70 major hotels and restaurants in KL including Shangri-La, Le Meridien, Pan Pacific, Prince Hotel, Hilton, G Hotel, chinoiz and espressamente. He also has numerous outlets in Time Square, Subang Parade, Pavilion KL, Penang, Melaka and Johor.

Siaoness overwhelming. That's how amazing his gelati are.


In fact, there's a very high chance that the awesome gelato you last had at a buffet or a Japanese restaurant, was from Gelatomio. Most of the places he supplies gelati to do not carry Gelatomio's logo/brand name...if they did, Gelatomio would probably be a household name by now.

Spot Jeremy@bboyrice!

Massimo recently launched his new outlet, Gelatomio Lounge, in Pavilion KL and added a new feature that his other outlets do not carry: the cold stone. Aptly called ‘Gelatomio on the rock’, you can choose your 2 favourite flavours to be ‘goreng-ed’ together with your favourite toppings on the cold slab. :D

Gelatomio on the Rock

When I got there, Dr. Massimo had already prepared a 'Gelatomio on the rock' for the bloggers using double choc and macadamia with chocolate crisp and oreo toppings. Mei Ying introduced us and Dr. Massimo prepared another 'Gelatomio on the rock' to show me how it was done. He even made a white + dark chocolate base for it. :D

This is what I felt after my first taste:

And "mind-blasting" is just putting it mildly. ;)

Seriously, it was love at first taste. ♥

The 'Gelatomio on the rock' that he prepared was a heavenly mix of strawberry cheesecake and blueberry cheesecake with figs, apple pie and chunks of choc toppings.

Watch Massimo in action. :D

I can never decide which flavor to get...I want them all... T_T

If you're new to Gelatomio and can't decide which flavor you want (like me), you can opt for the Gelatomio Platter (RM16) which comes with any 4 flavors you like. :D

I highly recommend trying Calamansi and Wild Berry.

Or if you're not very hungry, you can go for the regular Cup.
(small- RM6.60, regular- RM10.60, large- RM13).

Two of my MOST favorite flavors. Mad love. :D

"Gelatomio on the Rock" starts at RM19.80.
You can choose 2 flavours + 2 toppings.
Additional topping are RM1 each.
The chocolate bowl is an extra RM2.20.

All alcoholic. Yes. Very very very awesome. ♥

At the end of the day, we were all smiles from the fabulous gelati. (okay perhaps also due to a lil influence from the alcoholic Gelatomio on the rock...haha.)

Jason and I

Sel and Euveng


Mei Ying

Everyone. :) Happy satisfied people. :D
(Photo credit to Marcus)

Thank you Mei Ying (and Euveng) for the invite, thank you Massimo for an outta the world gastronomic experience. :D

Gelatomio Lounge
Level 4, Pavilion KL
(in front of Forever 21)
Gelatomio on Facebook

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. 'top-secret-will-soon-be-revealed-so-wait-for-it project' hahaha. That's really cute di :)

    Best post evaar! damn happy read until LOL

  2. wah you guys post til so yummy make me feel like going over now to have it -.-

    Thanks for dropping by Heidi, was good to see you and hang out :p

  3. @Evo: ehehehehe. Thanks for the support! :D

    @Mei Ying: I was drooling while looking back at the photos. haha. Definitely going back there for more gelato. :D Thanks for the invite hun, had lots of fun that day. :D

  4. i used to wonder what's the difference between gelati and gelato (thought it's to give them genders, as how most italian words do), so i asked an italian man who worked in an awesome restaurant in Adelaide, and in his very strong italian accent, he said there's not really a difference.

    he could be bluffing. maybe he's not even an italian! hahah... but i'll surely try out gelatomio when i'm back in msia! take me there k?

  5. Hey Jez! <3
    Hahahaha. I had no idea too! I didn't even know the word gelati existed. xD I read it on another friend's blog then I wiki-ed it before this post...apparently one is a plural form. hmm. Owh well, not that it matters. haha. And yes, for sure I'll bring you there when you are back. :D We bring Sandra along too. hehehe. :3

  6. I'm Glad i came across this website.Added idealistic-dreamer.blogspot.com to my bookmark!

  7. I'm really Glad i ran across this blog.Added idealistic-dreamer.blogspot.com to my bookmark!


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