Jun 25, 2010

Eucerin Samples!

Remember my post on Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE?

Well, the generous people at Advertlets.com and Eucerin have given me some samples to give away!

The samples are so cute!  1" x 1" x 1" cubes. haha. I really like this packaging, much more luxurious and glamorous compared to the tube packaging. But of course, hygiene wise, I know a lot of girls who aren't fond of these kinda packagings. :C

I initially gave some of the samples out to family and friends. Let me tell you this (my mom's gonna kill me when she sees this post. haha. sorry mom!) I gave my mom a sample and now she's hooked! It was obvious she liked the moisturizer cos she came to my room and wanted to take more samples. =_="

She just (yesterday) took all my full-sized Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE range of moisturizers and placed them on the dressing table outside so that SHE can use it too. I kept them in my room initially because I was the only one using it. darn. lol.

My friend Joyce smsed me her feedback (I copied it word for word) after trying out the moisturizer:
"Just tried the moisturiser sample you gave me this afternoon. Very nice! I doesn't like oily stuff pad on my face de, surprisingly after I applied, I felt like there is a thin layer of powder feel which is no stickiness on my face! haha... Coz of all the other product I tried, all said non oily and sticky de, once I apply my face can see the layer of oil which almost can fried an egg like tat."

Want to try out the Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE moisturizer? This is the Light version. MY FAV ♥ ♥ ! haha.

As much as I would like to keep them all to myself... I'm willing to share them with you. Sharing is caring, no? ;)

So drop me a comment if you're interested in getting a sample, only catch is - You have to give me your feedback after trying it out. So simple. hehe. ;)

UPDATE: Oops, looks like all the samples have been given out! Thanks for the support babes! ;)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. I have never tried Eucerin products before, so maybe trying a sample will be a nice exposure for me to the brand :D can I have a sample, pretty please~

  2. woot so de byk! i want! but i dunno when la i can give u feedback ROFL

    i got too much skincare for my own good :P

  3. hi heidi, can i have a sample too please? :D hopefully this could be a solution to my oily oily face.

  4. can i try one too???
    haven't been able to find a suitable moisturizer :(
    who knows, i might like this! will definitely give a feedback :D

  5. Hi girls! :D

    @Ilif: Sure! ;) Can you please email me your contact details? email to heidityj(@)gmail.com

    @Plue: Hahaha. can can, it's okay, shall I pass you a sample at your work place? Midvalley there right? :)

    @Yun Yi: Hello! Can! I pass to you in MMU? Tuesday I'll be there around 5-ish. Let me know lah. :D

    @Grace: Hi babe! Can! How should I pass it to you? :)

  6. darling! me no more at Midvalley for a year d XD

    resign for a while liao~ hurm...how leh? or not i dm u my add, if it's not too troublesome for you to go to post office :) i'll pay for the postage k?

  7. Aiks! Sorry babe. haha. Can can! Just DM me lah. ;)

  8. can can :D just come drop by my working studio, 2nd floor (suite 3006). thanks a lot!

  9. ermm.. will be going to klpac tmr for urbanscapes?
    thought you could pass it through frederick who'll be there :)
    if not, will hv to use post as well :(

  10. @Grace: hey! I won't be going for Urbanscapes. :C Sowee. Hmm. If there's really no other way I can send it to you by post. :)

  11. okay then, will DM my add to u :)
    sorry for the trouble! will online transfer the postage cost to u..thanks! :D

  12. @Elyn: haha. CAN! how you want me to pass it to you wor? lemme know la k? :D

  13. Should let you know earlier so you can bring to the B2ST showcase hor...or when you come over to MV, let me know?

  14. yahor! aiks. hmm. ok ok, if I'm going MV I'll let you know. :D


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